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  • The Arctic Council and the Barents Region : Mutually Reinforcing Partners

    24 mai 2017, par admin
    Lede: In addition to the Arctic Council, several institutions in the Barents Euro-Arctic region work on issues related to the environment and sustainable development in the European north. Joël Plouffe, managing editor of Arctic Yearbook, interviews Floridan Vidal, who considers the (...)
  • Education in Kenya Needs Faster Reform

    23 mai 2017, par admin
    Lede: Nearly 2 million Kenyan children attend private, community, and faith schools that operate outside the formal regulatory structure. Chris Wamalwa, a member of Kenya's National Assembly, explains why registering these informal schools is critical to improving education access in (...)
  • Arctic Council Chairmanship Handover Signals Unwavering Diplomacy

    22 mai 2017, par admin
    Lede: On May 11, officials from across the Arctic gathered to mark the handover of Arctic Council leadership from the United States to Finland. Erica M. Dingman notes how even amid geopolitical tensions between Arctic states, the international forum has remained a space for diplomacy and (...)
  • Talking Policy : Raúl Gallegos on Venezuelans' Relationship with Oil

    19 mai 2017, par admin
    Lede: Oil has continued to warp the Venezuelan economy since the first reserve was discovered in 1914, as the government spends massive amounts of oil revenues without saving for the future. World Policy Journal spoke with former Caracas-based correspondent Raúl Gallegos about Venezuelans' (...)
  • World Policy On Air, Ep. 120 : "Another Korean War"

    19 mai 2017, par admin
    Lede: Just days after President Donald Trump said he’d be “honored” to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un “under the right circumstances,” the country conducted yet another ballistic missile test off its western coast. On this week's episode of World Policy On Air, World Policy Institute senior (...)
  • Russia Used a Two-Year-Old Video and an ‘Alternative’ Swedish Group to Discredit Reports of Syria Gas Attack

    18 mai 2017, par admin
    Lede: Following President Bashar al-Assad's use of chemical weapons against his own people and the subsequent U.S. military strike, the Kremlin has issued a long-winded stream of contradictory theories to protect its Syrian ally. Katerina Patin investigates the latest disinformation campaign, (...)
  • Pragmatic Environmentalism in the Russian Arctic

    17 mai 2017, par admin
    Lede: Industrial development during Soviet times has left Russia's Arctic region with acute environmental problems. Speaking with two experts from Saint Petersburg State University, Morgane Fert-Malka explains that while Russian environmental laws are often comprehensive, the legislative (...)
  • A Universal African Basic Income

    16 mai 2017, par admin
    Lede: Guaranteeing basic income in Africa would provide a safety net and kick-start young people's participation in the economy. Carl Manlan argues an African-funded universal basic income program should be paired with industrialization and tax reforms to boost the continent's prosperity. By (...)
  • Bearing Witness to Climate Change

    15 mai 2017, par admin
    Lede: Glaciers are rapidly disappearing in the Arctic. To document the dramatic pace of ecological change in the region, painter and photographer Diane Burko shares images and anecdotes from her new book, Bearing Witness to Climate Change. Cover of catalog for Diane Burko's upcoming (...)
  • World Policy Newsletter, Week of May 12th

    12 mai 2017, par admin
    Lede: We explore the implications of the French presidential election, from the challenges ahead for Macron's En Marche! to the movement of the far-right National Front into the mainstream, in the latest World Policy newsletter. Click through and subscribe today! Welcome to the World Policy (...)

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