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  • Talking Policy : Peter James Hudson on how Wall Street Colonized the Caribbean

    23 juin 2017, par admin
    Lede: Puerto Rico's current debt crisis has parallels with fiscal problems in Cuba in Haiti in the 1920s and 1930s. World Policy Journal speaks with Peter James Hudson about the influence American financial institutions held and the resistance their meddling helped ignite. Puerto Rico's (...)
  • World Policy On Air, Ep. 125 : "Bulgaria's Pro-Russia Propaganda"

    23 juin 2017, par admin
    Lede: Pro-Russian propaganda, common in Bulgaria, is typically fabricated not by Kremlin agents but by ordinary Bulgarians. On this week's episode of World Policy On Air, we talk with Canadian freelance journalist Michael Colborne about how this anti-Western, anti-democratic, and anti-NATO (...)
  • Bullish Leverage

    22 juin 2017, par admin
    Lede: When leveraging assets, investors need to consider their credit worthiness and their bearish strategic adversaries. James H. Nolt explains how top financial institutions can manipulate the market by hedging against losses and benefiting from depressed prices. By James H. Nolt read (...)
  • Science Diplomacy and the Arctic Council : A Catalyst for Deeper Regional Cooperation ?

    21 juin 2017, par admin
    Lede: Tackling transnational problems like climate change requires the participation of states that may have competing interests. Heather Exner-Pirot, managing editor of the Arctic Yearbook, interviews Clemens Binder about how scientific collaboration can promote political cooperation and (...)
  • A Path to Free North Korea's Political Prisoners

    20 juin 2017, par admin
    Lede: Negotiations and strategic communication channels could be the safest way to deal with North Korea’s unstable regime. Robert Park argues that covertly reaching out to disaffected elites could offer a chance for reunification and an end to human rights violations. By Robert Park read (...)
  • Ukraine’s East : Why Not Call Russia’s Occupation by Its Name ?

    19 juin 2017, par admin
    Lede: After three years of conflict, Ukraine still refers to its war-torn eastern territories as an “Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone.” Isobel Koshiw explains why Ukrainians remain divided on whether to label the Russian-backed separatist region as "occupied," and why some argue this indecision (...)
  • World Policy Newsletter, Week of June 16th

    16 juin 2017, par admin
    Lede: From women in China to indigenous communities in Russia, we highlight activism and social movements in the latest World Policy newsletter. Click through and subscribe today! People Power From women in China to indigenous peoples in Russia, grass-roots organizing and the voices of (...)
  • Talking Policy : Geoffrey Mann on the ‘Climate Leviathan’

    16 juin 2017, par admin
    Lede: Climate change threatens to transform not just the environment, but also the entire global system. World Policy Journal speaks with Geoffrey Mann about the role of states and global elites in the international order that is emerging in an attempt to avoid environmental catastrophe. (...)
  • World Policy On Air, Ep. 124 : "Ukraine Past & Future"

    16 juin 2017, par admin
    Lede: The National Corps, the political wing of the far-right Azov battalion currently serving as part of the National Guard of Ukraine, was launched when Russia seized Crimea in 2014. On this week's episode of World Policy On Air, we talk with journalist Ian Bateson about how this nationalist (...)
  • Risk and Return

    15 juin 2017, par admin
    Lede: It's commonly understood that there is a trade-off between risk and return in both personal and corporate finance. James H. Nolt discusses how powerful financial players use strategies of deception and surprise in an attempt to reap massive rewards while minimizing risk. By James H. Nolt (...)

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