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  • World Policy Newsletter, Week of February 17th

    17 février 2017, par admin
    Lede: We explore the potential effects of President Trump's trade policies on both domestic markets and global economies in the latest World Policy newsletter. Click through and subscribe today! Welcome to the World Policy newsletter, brought to you by... read (...)
  • Talking Policy : Leila Ahmed on Being Muslim in America

    17 février 2017, par admin
    Lede: It is not easy to be a Western Muslim today, with Trump's attempt at a "Muslim Ban" and reports of rising Islamophobic hate crimes. World Policy Journal discussed these issues with Dr. Leila Ahmed, the Egyptian-born author of A Quiet Revolution: The Veil's Resurgence, from the Middle East (...)
  • World Policy On Air, Ep. 107 : "Good Girls Revolt"

    17 février 2017, par admin
    Lede: A new wave of feminism is quietly sweeping through China amid the government’s recent crackdown on freedoms of assembly and expression. On this week's episode of World Policy On Air, historian Maura Elizabeth Cunningham considers the likely outcomes of activists' efforts to advance women’s (...)
  • The Unlikely Prospect of War with China

    16 février 2017, par admin
    Lede: Trump's statements about his policy objectives have made the future of U.S.-Chinese relations uncertain. James H. Nolt argues that although war between the two countries is highly unlikely, one possible scenario would see Trump instigating conflict as a means to consolidate executive (...)
  • Outside Looking In : A Russian Filmmaker Fights Censorship from Abroad

    16 février 2017, par admin
    Lede: Feeling pressure from the Russian government, filmmaker Vitaly Mansky left for Latvia in 2014, joining other media and cultural organizations in exile. Katya Kumkova describes how independent documentary filmmakers like Mansky will play an increasingly important role as Russian (...)
  • Is Denmark an Arctic Great Power ?

    15 février 2017, par admin
    Lede: United under the Kingdom of Denmark are the nations of Denmark, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland. World Policy fellow Erica Dingman spoke with Jon Rahbek-Clemmensen, who researches Danish foreign and security policy and Arctic politics, to discuss the evolving role of Greenland in how (...)
  • Cuba's Economy is Stagnating, But it Could Get Worse

    14 février 2017, par admin
    Lede: Despite the opening of diplomatic relations with the U.S. and an increase in tourism revenue, Cuba's economy has not grown significantly. Amanda Mattingly predicts that the Cuban government's resistance to market-friendly reform and declining oil subsidies from Venezuela could strain the (...)
  • Continuing the Wins in Soil Health Restoration in Africa

    14 février 2017, par admin
    Lede: Sixty-five percent of Africa's soils are degraded, resulting in low crop yields and perpetuating the poverty trap. Esther Ngumbi advocates for soil conservation practices to be scaled up across the continent to enhance agricultural production and food security. By Esther Ngumbi read (...)
  • The Plausible Coincidence of a Trump Win and US Equity Market Rally

    13 février 2017, par admin
    Lede: For market participants, understanding the causes of the year-end stock market rally is valuable in considering the U.S. economic future. Peter Lupoff analyzes recent U.S. equity market performances and explains why fourth-quarter gains may have nothing to do with Trump's election. By (...)
  • Singapore : Sex Workers are Workers, Not Criminals

    13 février 2017, par admin
    Lede: For our winter 2016/2017 issue, World Policy Interrupted, World Policy Journal asked experts from around the world how sex workers can better control their working conditions. Vanessa Ho argues that in order for sex workers to be treated as workers and not as criminals, they should have (...)

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