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  • Medical Innovation—Not Government—Can Ease the Pain of Opioid Abuse

    7 novembre 2017
    By Raymond March; Tasha Hedstrom, age 30, has struggled with opioid addiction for 15 years. Her path to recovery includes taking medications to curb withdrawal symptoms and attending court-mandated group c...
  • Will Free Speech Prevail on Campus ?

    7 novembre 2017
    By Donald A. Downs; Alarm over the state of free speech and academic freedom on American campuses is nothing new under the collegiate sun. But it has reached fever pitch in the past few years. The un...
  • Global Warming and Peer Review

    2 novembre 2017
    By S. Fred Singer; An essay in the current issue (Oct. 2017) of Eos, the house organ and newsletter of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), is titled "Red, Blue--and Peer-Review" (P.R....
  • Cal Fire Must Prioritize Prevention

    2 novembre 2017
    By Lawrence J. McQuillan; More than 40 deaths in the Wine Country wildfires last month marked the deadliest fire season in recent state history and in September, Los Angeles experienced its largest wildfire ever. ...
  • The Russian Revolution and Terror of Marxism-Leninism

    1er novembre 2017
    By Yuri N. Maltsev; Russian President Vladimir Putin a href="http://www.cnn.com/2017/08/15/opinions/russian-revolution-opinion-parker/index.html" data-saferedirecturl="https://www.google.com/url?hl=enq=htt...
  • Only Amazon Wins

    1er novembre 2017
    By William F. Shughart II, Thomas A. Garrett; After Seattle-based Amazon began soliciting proposals from North American cities in a href="https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/G/01/Anything/test/images/usa/RFP_3._V516043504...
  • The Non-Sustainability of Rwanda’s Economic Miracle

    30 octobre 2017
    By George B. N. Ayittey; Emerging out of the horrific spasm of genocide that claimed more than 800,000 of the minority Tutsi ethnic group in 1994, Rwanda has chalked up some spectacular economic performance. Its ...
  • Spain Should Let the Catalans Decide Their Own Future

    23 octobre 2017
    By Ivan Eland; Ever since the American Declaration of Independence in 1776 popularized the notion that citizens should determine their own governments and that those governments should serve the people ...
  • Macron’s Reforms are Key to France’s Leadership in Europe

    23 octobre 2017
    By Alvaro Vargas Llosa; Not long ago, France's Emmanuel Macron stunned Europe with an overwhelming presidential victory, subsequently reinforced by his movement's triumph in legislative elections. Ma...
  • Happy World Development Information Day !

    23 octobre 2017
    By Benjamin Powell; We have much to celebrate on Oct. 24, World Development Information Day. Although hundreds of millions of people remain trapped in poverty around the globe, at no time in human history ha...

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