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  • Returning Education to the States and Citizens

    20 avril 2017
    By Vicki E. Alger; President Donald Trump has called for major changes to federal education policy. During his bid for the White House, he vowed to cut wasteful federal spending on education while ...
  • What Would a Free Market for Health Care Look Like ?

    17 avril 2017
    By John C. Goodman; One of the more interesting television commercials I see is an ad sponsored by Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA). The message: if you have cancer, we want you. Welcome to...
  • Economics of Immigration Are at Odds with Politics

    17 avril 2017
    By Benjamin Powell; An a href="http://www.newamericaneconomy.org/feature/an-open-letter-from-1470-economists-on-immigration/" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl="https://www.google.com/url?hl=enq=http://...
  • How the Ethanol Mandate Is Killing the American Prairie

    14 avril 2017
    By William F. Shughart II; Among the factors most responsible for this tragic loss of our prairie heritage is the federal renewable fuel standard, a congressional mandate requiring refiners to mix renewable fuel (m...
  • Trump Should Be Fighting ISIS, Not Syria

    14 avril 2017
    By Ivan Eland; What's the White House's next move when it comes to Syria? Let's hope nothing. President Donald Trump's salvo of cruise missiles against a military airfield in...
  • As Delaine Eastin Runs for Governor, Let’s Look at Her Record

    14 avril 2017
    By K. Lloyd Billingsley; Former Democratic California Assemblywoman Delaine Eastin is running for governor, lamenting that the state does not spend enough money on education. Her entry into the 2018 race, unfortu...
  • What to Do About North Korea ? Less Is More

    14 avril 2017
    By Ivan Eland; The diametrically opposed styles of President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson never have been more on display than they recently have been on North Korea, which has been...
  • North Texas Already Has School Choice

    10 avril 2017
    By John C. Goodman; Although it is often viewed as a radically new idea, the vast majority of parents in Dallas have been participating in a system of school choice for years. There are more than 40 ...
  • Getting Health Reform Right

    10 avril 2017
    By John C. Goodman; Here is something you can take to the bank. If Republicans can't produce an alternative to Obamacare that solves the real problems of ordinary people, they will never be able to pass...
  • Bridging Today’s Political Divide ? Let States Do It

    10 avril 2017
    By William J. Watkins Jr.; In a recent Gallup poll, 77 percent of Americans described their country as divided. Divergent views on matters such as police conduct, transgender identity and health care dominate the h...

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