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  • Why Nuclear Power Subsidies Must End

    24 mai 2017
    By William F. Shughart II; Should utility bills and taxes be used to subsidize money-losing nuclear power plants so they can compete with renewable energy and low-cost natural gas? New York and Illinois, bo...
  • Sanctuary Cities Are Not the New Nullification Crisis

    23 mai 2017
    By William J. Watkins Jr.; Conservatives describe President Donald Trump's fight with so-called sanctuary cities the new nullification crisis. Commentator Mark Levin avers that "[w]e have a massive null...
  • Did the Outcome of the French Election Merely Postpone Le Pen ?

    22 mai 2017
    By Ivan Eland; France, Europe, and the world breathed a sigh of relief after the French elections gave "centrist" Emmanuel Macron a resounding thirty-percentage point victory over "pop...
  • Santa Fe’s Rejection of Soda Tax a Win for Public Health

    22 mai 2017
    By William F. Shughart II, Josh T. Smith; Record numbers of voters turned out on May 2 to say no to a a href="https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/new-mexico/articles/2017-05-01/soda-tax-rivals-spend-to-influence-final-vote-i...
  • An Economic Winning Streak Through Tax Reform

    22 mai 2017
    By William F. Shughart II; My home state of Utah is famous for its picturesque scenery, world-renowned ski resorts, the annual Sundance Film Festival, and more. And if current trends are any indication, the Beehive...
  • Disparity of Tropospheric and Surface Temperature Trends : New Evidence

    17 mai 2017
    By S. Fred Singer, David H. Douglass, Benjamin D. Pearson, Patrick J. Michaels, Paul C. Knappenberger; Observations suggest that the earth's surface has been warming relative to the troposphere for the last 25 years; this is not only difficult to explain but also contrary to the (...)
  • Does Lack of Health Insurance Kill ?

    17 mai 2017
    By John C. Goodman, Linda Gorman; The Republican health plan will kill people," says a href="http://www.newsweek.com/bernie-sanders-republican-healthcare-bill-595321" target="_blank"Bernie Sanders. "The Re...
  • A Comparison of Tropical Temperature Trends with Model Predictions

    15 mai 2017
    By S. Fred Singer, John R. Christy, David H. Douglass, Benjamin D. Pearson; ABSTRACT: We examine tropospheric temperature trends of 67 runs from 22 'Climate of the 20th Century' model simulations and try to reconcile them with the best available (...)
  • Climate Change Models and the Scientific Method

    15 mai 2017
    By John R. Christy; strongU.S. House Committee on Science, Space Technology 29 Mar 2017br/ Testimony of John R. Christybr/ University of Alabama in Huntsville/strong/div...
  • Gridlock at the FTC Prolongs Washington’s Regulatory Status Quo

    12 mai 2017
    By William F. Shughart II; Missing from the media's orgy of "100-day" analyses of the Trump administration's performance has been any substantive discussion of the Federal Trade Commission (...

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