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  • The big idea : Meetings, the ultimate time-suck, and how to fix them

    12 août 2017, par Chelsea Catlett
    When great minds meet, everybody benefits. So, when meetings are good, they’re great. But if they’re bad (as most office meetings are, be honest with yourself), they’re anything but beneficial. You may say to yourself, or quietly argue to this article during your sad desk lunch: “But I am doing (...)
  • What if ? … and other questions that lead to big ideas : The talks of TED@UPS

    11 août 2017, par Brian Greene
    What if one person could change the world? What if we could harness our collective talent, insight and wisdom? And what if, together, we could spark a movement with positive impact far into the future? For a third year, UPS has partnered with TED to bring experts in business, logistics, design (...)
  • A sobering new video from Beverly and Dereck Joubert on World Lion Day

    10 août 2017, par Pat Mitchell
    Documentary filmmakers Beverly and Dereck Joubert have worked to conserve wildlife in Africa for more than 30 years. Last year, I visited the Jouberts in one of the Great Plains safari camps and preserves they founded: Great Plains Conservation, launched a few years ago in Botswana and Kenya. (...)
  • TED Prize winner Sarah Parcak unearths ancient mysteries on “60 Minutes”

    10 août 2017, par Chelsea Catlett
    What’s the best way to find something lost on the ground, like a historical site from a civilization lost to time? For archaeologist Sarah Parcak, the answer’s obvious — from way up above, using satellites, of course. As a space archaeologist, she’s mapped the lost city of Tanis (of Indiana Jones: (...)
  • 5 stellar mini-docs that will make you rethink time

    10 août 2017, par Chelsea Catlett
    Five mini-documentary films captivated the TEDWomen 2016 audience — directed, written and produced by female filmmakers whose work embodies today’s best and most innovative storytelling. In a partnership between Lifetime and Chicken & Egg Pictures, these short films are artful in the ways (...)
  • Mark Ronson makes a cameo, Roxane Gay and Adam Grant discuss the pros and cons of social media, and much more

    9 août 2017, par Rebekah Barnett
    Please enjoy your roundup of TED-related news: This one’s for the boys. Mark Ronson takes a break from making music to have some fun in Charli XCX’s video for “Boys.” You’ll find him (suavely) combing his hair, amid scenes of other male celebs, such as Wiz Khalifa, Riz Ahmed and Joe Jonas having a (...)
  • TEDGlobal 2017 : Announcing the speaker lineup for our Arusha conference

    3 août 2017, par TED Staff
    TEDGlobal 2017 kicks off August 27–30, 2017, in Arusha, Tanzania. Ten years after the last TEDGlobal in Arusha, we’ll again gather a community from across the continent and around the world to explore ideas that may propel Africa’s next leap — in business, politics and justice, creativity and (...)
  • Anonymous ideas worth spreading — and the surprising discoveries behind their curation

    27 juillet 2017, par Cloe Shasha
    The intimacy of listening: Producer Cloe Shasha shares a few surprising insights that her team learned while producing TED and Audible's audio series, "Sincerely, X."
  • Our podcast “Sincerely, X” co-produced with Audible now available free worldwide

    24 juillet 2017, par Anna Phelan
    Last year, TED and Audible co-produced a new audio series that invited speakers to share ideas—anonymously. Our goal was to make room for an entirely new trove of ideas: those that could only be broadcast publicly if the speaker’s identity remained private. The series debuted with a number of (...)
  • Prosthetics that feel more natural, how mushrooms may help save bees, and more

    21 juillet 2017, par Rebekah Barnett
    Please enjoy your roundup of TED-related news: Prosthetics that feel more natural. A study in Science Robotics lays out a surgical technique developed by Shriya Srinivasan, Hugh Herr and others that may help prosthetics feel more like natural limbs. During an amputation, the muscle pairs that (...)

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