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  • NAFTA Doesn’t Need a Senseless Sunset

    19 September 2017, by Jeffrey J. Schott
    The Trump administration wants a revised North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to include a sunset provision terminating the pact after five years unless all three countries approve its renewal. Such a clause would insert a fixed expiration date for NAFTA and require positive and (...)
  • Is it Legal for President Trump to Order an Attack on North Korea?

    19 September 2017, by Stephan Haggard
    Strategic and political constraints weigh most heavily on whether the Trump administration would decide to take unilateral action against North Korea. And of course it would depend on whether the North Koreans themselves cross thresholds of what might be called “plausible imminence”: (...)
  • Monday Morning Roundup: Things to Read

    18 September 2017, by Stephan Haggard
    One feature of the current media ecology is that when news breaks, the outlets in which pundits can magically appear is virtually limitless. As we would expect, most of this instant expertise is also immediately forgettable. But as we would also expect, the sheer volume also contains some (...)
  • Trade Talks Episode 3: Nerves of Steel: Waiting for Trump’s Trade War

    15 September 2017, by Soumaya Keynes, Chad P. Bown
  • Why China Is Cracking Down on Cryptocurrencies and ICOs

    15 September 2017, by Martin Chorzempa
    China initiated a harsh crackdown on cryptocurrencies in early September, part of a broader toughening against financial risk and increased regulatory vigilance on new financial products. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are now banned, a necessary action at present to protect investors from fraud (...)
  • Save North Korean Refugees Day: Friday, September 22nd

    15 September 2017, by Marcus Noland
    Please see below a note from Suzanne Scholte of the North Korea Freedom Coalition on Save North Korean Refugees Day: Friday, September 22. "Rescue those being led away to death"* Dear Friends: Where in the world will you be next Friday, September 22nd for the Worldwide Save North (...)
  • A US Content Requirement in NAFTA Could Hurt Manufacturing

    14 September 2017, by Caroline Freund
    The US administration is reportedly considering adding a US-specific content requirement for vehicles imported through the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The proposal would require vehicles to have 35 to 50 percent US content to qualify for duty-free access under the (...)
  • The State Department Reorganization and North Korea Policy

    14 September 2017, by Kent Boydston
    Amidst the din of North Korea news—from missiles and nuclear tests to “fire and fury”—is the question of U.S. capability to manage this and other crises. The DPRK also found its way into the news on this front in recent weeks as a result of Secretary Tillerson’s reorganization at the (...)
  • UN Security Council Resolution 2375

    12 September 2017, by Marcus Noland, Stephan Haggard, Kent Boydston
    The UN Security Council yesterday passed resolution 2375 just eight days after North Korea’s September 3 nuclear test, far more rapidly than it had imposed sanctions after recent nuclear tests. The final text of the resolution dropped some of the more sweeping demands by the United States but (...)
  • Toughening NAFTA’s Rules of Origin Could Backfire

    11 September 2017, by Caroline Freund, Melina Kolb, Daniel Housch

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