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  • Flaws in Trump’s Agenda for NAFTA

    20 juillet 2017, par Jeffrey J. Schott
    The Trump administration’s objectives in renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) contain no big surprises. Talks will begin in mid-August 2017. But NAFTA negotiators will have a tough time reaching agreement because of the long list of US demands for concessions by Canada (...)
  • Knowing Where the Bodies Are Buried

    20 juillet 2017, par Marcus Noland
    The 2014 publication of the UN Commission of Inquiry report concluded that crimes against humanity were being perpetrated in North Korea and contributed to the establishment of the South Korean government’s Center for North Korean Human Rights Records and the UN Human Rights Office in Seoul. (...)
  • Trump’s Renegotiation Could Take the “Free” Out of NAFTA’s Trade

    19 juillet 2017, par Chad P. Bown
    The Trump administration’s newly announced objectives for the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) are ambiguous in some respects. But one element is clear and worrisome: The administration wants to make it easier for the United States to restrict imports from Canada (...)
  • Posen Discusses the Damage of Brexit to the British Economy

    19 juillet 2017, par Adam S. Posen
    PIIE President Adam Posen says that the United Kingdom’s choice to close itself off from the European single market will damage Britain’s economy. © AEI (American Enterprise Institute). Recorded July 18, 2017 . Reposted with permission. Visit AEI's YouTube (...)
  • Sanctions, Sanctions and More Sanctions : Oh, and Sanctions Evasion Too

    19 juillet 2017, par Stephan Haggard
    The international discourse on North Korea centers almost entirely on sanctions these days, but also on an outpouring of news on sanctions evasion. Today, I simply line up some of the news on these topics, following on the blog’s weekly lead yesterday on North Korea’s widening current (...)
  • South Korea vs. Christine Ahn

    18 juillet 2017, par Stephan Haggard
    I can think of very little—if anything—on which Christine Ahn and I agree. Our differences run the gamut from the causes of the famine (don’t blame the regime!), through her silences with respect to human rights abuses in the North, including with respect to women , to her proclivity to see much (...)
  • A Positive NAFTA Renegotiation : Part 2

    17 juillet 2017, par John J. Hamre, Chad P. Bown, Patrick Leblond, Daniel C. Esty, Gary Clyde Hufbauer
    John J. Hamre, president and CEO of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), delivered the opening keynote, “NAFTA as a National Security Priority,” on July 17, 2017, for the second of two events held to discuss a positive renegotiation of the North American Free Trade (...)
  • Extending Trade Promotion Authority

    17 juillet 2017, par Jeffrey J. Schott
    Will the expiration next summer of trade promotion authority (TPA) disrupt President Donald Trump’s trade talks with Canada, Mexico, and others? US exporters and investors and US trading partners are anxious because TPA is needed for the expedited consideration of implementing legislation for (...)
  • North Korea’s Current Account Deficit with China : Crisis Coming ?

    17 juillet 2017, par Stephan Haggard
    Recently, North Korea watchers have been scratching their heads over contradictory claims about how much China’s trade with North Korea has increased (or not). Are the differences a result of quoting the changes from quarter-to-quarter over year-on-year; quoting them in RMB vs. the dollar, or (...)
  • A Path Forward for NAFTA

    17 juillet 2017, par C. Fred Bergsten, Monica de Bolle, Gary Clyde Hufbauer, Euijin Jung, Jeffrey J. Schott, Cathleen Cimino-Isaacs, Cullen S. Hendrix, Caroline Freund, Wendy Dobson, Daniel C. Esty, John J. Hamre
    The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) ranks at the top of anyone’s list of the most controversial trade deals of all time. Reviled by critics as unfair and as a job destroyer, praised by its defenders as having a documented record of success in spurring economic growth, NAFTA (...)

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