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  • Sanctions News Galore Part II

    24 mars 2017, par Stephan Haggard
    Earlier this week, I went through the excellent Panel of Experts report , culling it for findings with respect to China. Today, I simply cycle through more of the accumulating evidence that sanctions and their effectiveness are going to be front-and-center under the new Administration. First (...)
  • Longer-Term Implications of Brexit

    23 mars 2017, par Jonathan Portes, Simeon Djankov, Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, Nicolas Véron
    As the United Kingdom fast approaches its official exit from the European Union, the Peterson Institute for International Economics held an event on March 23, 2017, to discuss the longer-term implications of Brexit. Jonathan Portes, professor at King's College London and one of the most (...)
  • North Korea and the 2017 Passport Index

    23 mars 2017, par Stephan Haggard, Kent Boydston
    Last week Arton Capital released its annual Passport Index , a ranking of all passports by the number of countries their holders are permitted to enter visa-free. The top countries are no surprises: Germany (160); Sweden (159); Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Singapore, Norway, and the (...)
  • Does Manufacturing Have the Largest Employment &quot ;Multiplier&quot ; for the Domestic Economy ?

    22 mars 2017, par Robert Z. Lawrence
    A common argument in favor of promoting manufacturing is that jobs in that sector are among the most valuable to American economic health—certainly more valuable than jobs in the service sector because they are associated with more jobs elsewhere. For example, Peter Navarro, head of the (...)
  • Is There Any Signal in the Noise from Pyongyang ?

    22 mars 2017, par Marcus Noland
    Last year, I had the pleasure to overlap with Mason Richey at the East-West Center and attend the seminar where he presented his paper “ Turning it Up to Eleven: Belligerent Rhetoric in North Korea’s Propaganda .” The paper has just been published in the journal Parameters . The publication (...)
  • Why US Growth of 2 Percent Is Plausible—And Unlikely to Get Much Higher

    21 mars 2017, par Jason Furman
    The US economy will likely grow at a rate of around 2 percent a year over the next decade. While this estimate seems low relative to the average annual growth rate of 3.5 percent from 1950 to 2000, it is not reflective of some newly found pessimism. Instead, it is largely based on two (...)
  • Sanctions News Galore : Part I, the Panel of Experts Report on China

    21 mars 2017, par Stephan Haggard
    Imagine dealing with an adversary which does not feel itself bound in any way by international legal norms, and indeed believes that such norms are only shackles that threaten its very existence. The result? What Justin Hastings calls “A Most Enterprising Country” in his terrific new book on (...)
  • Is Italy Europe’s Next Big Worry ?

    21 mars 2017, par Jacob Funk Kirkegaard
    Despite the prospects of a good year economically and politically for the euro area in 2017, uncertainty hangs on the horizon over Italy. Once the French election in May is over, investors' attention will likely turn to Italy, where an election is due no later than May 2018. But the country (...)
  • Adult Supervision : Secretary Tillerson in Asia

    20 mars 2017, par Stephan Haggard
    Secretary of State Tillerson is proving a man of few words. The result is that there is less to parse, but what is on record is more pointed than the lengthy disquisitions of his predecessor. From the perspective of this blog, there were six components to his Asia trip, and each requires (...)
  • Chinese Private Investment Growth Decelerates Sharply in 2016

    16 mars 2017, par Nicholas R. Lardy, Zixuan Huang
    Recently released official 2016 data from China place private investment growth at 3.2 percent compared to 18.7 percent for state investment growth. However, when properly defined to include both registered private companies and limited liability companies that are privately controlled, (...)

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