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NCPA - National Center for Policy Analysis

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  • Don’t Gut the Texas Workers’ Comp System

    24 mars 2017
    Senior Fellow Pamela Villarreal writes at NCPA's Taxes and Retirement blog: President Trump has some lofty goals for his first year in office, but during his first month in office, he spent ample time undoing many executive orders ushered in by the Obama administration. One particular area of (...)
  • The Logic-Defying CBO Obamacare Replacement Score Breaks Its Own Rules, among Other Problems

    23 mars 2017
    Dr. Tom Price, the U.S. Secretary of Health & Human Services, has said the Congressional Budget Office's recent "score" of the Republican Obamacare replacement bill defies logic. Even worse, it defies the very rules which govern the CBO. The CBO's Analysis Is Static. The 2016 Budget (...)
  • Veterans Health Administration Realizes it Should Buy, Not Build, Software

    22 mars 2017
    Senior Fellow John R. Graham writes at NCPA's Health blog: Imagine if you learned a government agency built its own office furniture, HVAC, or telephones. Even if there were a massive amount of corruption in government purchasing, it would be remarkable if a bureaucracy could do a better job (...)
  • The "Troubles" with Pharmacy Benefit Managers

    21 mars 2017
    Senior Fellow Thomas Hemphill writes in Regulation Magazine: Whenever U.S. policymakers and business executives discuss health care, the issue of ever increasing costs quickly arises. And for good reason. According to a recent analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation, U.S. per capita (...)
  • Great Moments in Government Waste, Fraud and Abuse

    20 mars 2017
    Senior Fellow Pamela Villarreal writes at NCPA's Taxes and Retirement blog: Donald Trump's proposed "skinny budget" was released last week. Of course, the outrage and howls of indignation have begun. Already, there are Twitter hashtags referencing cuts to programs for the poor (#Mealsonwheels (...)
  • The Economic Effects of Repealing the Affordable Care Act

    17 mars 2017
    The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) recently analyzed the effect of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act on federal revenues and the uninsured. There was much hype about their conclusions that 24 million people would be added to the ranks of the uninsured (although about 14 million (...)
  • Health Insurance A Cause of Past-Due Debt ?

    16 mars 2017
    Senior Fellow John R. Graham writes at NCPA's health blog: A study of past-due medical debt by Michael Karpman and Kyle J. Kaswell of the Urban Institute demonstrates the expansion of coverage subsequent to the Affordable Care Act is associated with a reduction in the proportion of adults with (...)
  • Repealing the ACA Would Bring Economic Growth

    15 mars 2017
    The recent CBO analysis of repealing the Affordable Care Act focused on the number of people who become "uninsured" because they would no longer be forced to purchase insurance. What they didn't show, however, was how the Affordable Care Act has been a burden to job creation, GDP growth and (...)
  • Pharmaceutical Profits and Capital Markets

    14 mars 2017
    Senior Fellow John R. Graham writes at NCPA's Health blog: An interesting research article at the Health Affairs blog asserts there is no relationship between high U.S. prescription drug prices and drug companies' research and development budgets. The authors point out that U.S. prices for (...)
  • NCPA Experts Score the American Health Reform Act : Details will be presented at a Congressional Briefing March 15

    13 mars 2017
    The National Center for Policy Analysis' Tax Analysis Center recently scored the economic and revenue effects of the American Health Reform Act. The results? The Act would unburden the job market and increase workers' incomes due to the repeal of Obamacare taxes, but would bring in less federal (...)

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