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  • Is the Sky Falling ?

    23 mai 2017, par Jeff Deist
    By: Jeff Deist [Adapted from a talk at the May 20 Seattle Mises Circle, "House of Cards: Has the US Economy Recovered?"] I think we can all agree that the state of the economy has little to do with Donald Trump, at least for the moment. But the stock markets have been riding high since his (...)
  • "Priming the Pump" Won’t Create Real Wealth

    23 mai 2017, par Frank Shostak
    By: Frank Shostak Once an economy falls into recession many commentators tend to express concern that as a result of the economic slump there are now underutilized capital and labor. Resources that can be used are now made unemployed. It is held that the key factor behind this is an (...)
  • The Drug War : Will the Trump Administration OD on Authoritarianism ?

    22 mai 2017, par Ron Paul
    By: Ron Paul Last week Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered federal prosecutors in drug cases to seek the maximum penalty authorized by federal mandatory minimum sentencing laws. Sessions’ order represents a setback to the progress made toward restoring compassion and common sense to the (...)
  • How Economists Destroyed Pre-World War II Germany

    22 mai 2017, par Ludwig von Mises
    By: Ludwig von Mises This review of Frank D. Graham’s book, Exchange, Prices and Production in Hyper-Inflation: Germany 1920–23 (Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1930) was published in Economica (May 1932). All the misfortunes from which Europe has suffered in the last two decades (...)
  • 3 Ways the Critics Get Praxeology Wrong

    22 mai 2017, par Jonathan Newman
    By: Jonathan Newman Jeff Deist has excellent advice for us: listen to dead economists. He explains how economics has lost its way by trying to emulate the physical sciences and their empirical method. He cites Menger, Mises, Hayek, and Rothbard as primary resources for those interested in (...)
  • Jeff Deist : Is the Sky Falling ?

    21 mai 2017, par Jeff Deist
    By: Jeff Deist The media insists the US economy has recovered from the 2008 crash. Equities markets have enjoyed a bull run since the election. Housing prices are rising in expensive coastal cities. Government offices continue to report that GDP is growing while inflation remains in check. And (...)
  • Week in Review : May 20, 2017

    20 mai 2017, par Mises Institute
    By: Mises Institute The tsunami of government spending and easy-money monetary policy shows no sign of letting up. In spite of many claims of strong economic growth, the world's central banks refuse to do much at all in terms of scaling back their huge balance sheets or their rock-bottom (...)
  • Litigation and Regulation

    20 mai 2017, par Christopher P. Casey
    By: Christopher P. Casey On January 30, 2017, President Trump issued an executive order entitled: “Reducing Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs.”1 Known as the “One-In, Two-Out” rule, it calls for dramatically reducing the regulatory burden upon the US economy. This executive order may do (...)
  • Why the Left Refuses to Talk About Venezuela

    19 mai 2017, par Ryan McMaken
    By: Ryan McMaken During the 2016 presidential election, Bernie Sanders refused to answer questions about Venezuela during an interview with Univision. He claimed to not want to talk about it because he's "focused on my campaign." Many suggested a more plausible reason: Venezuela's present (...)
  • How Magical is the Keynesian Multiplier ?

    19 mai 2017, par Frank Shostak
    By: Frank Shostak For most economists and financial commentators, the heart of economic growth is the increase in the demand for goods and services. The view is that increases or decreases in demand are behind rises and declines in the economy’s production of goods and services. It is also held (...)

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