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  • No, Mark Carney, Brexit Didn’t Cause Inflation — You Did.

    29 juin 2017, par George Pickering
    By: George Pickering For the past several weeks, a dark and uneasy atmosphere has been hanging heavily over the British political landscape. In addition to the four major terrorist attacks on British soil since March, the 2017 general election highlighted growing public anger with the (...)
  • Trump’s Pricey Love Affair With Saudi Arabia

    29 juin 2017, par William D. Hartung
    By: William D. Hartung At this point, it’s no great surprise when Donald Trump walks away from past statements in service to some impulse of the moment. Nowhere, however, has such a shift been more extreme or its potential consequences more dangerous than in his sudden love affair with the Saudi (...)
  • Canadian Interest Rates Set to Rise ?

    28 juin 2017, par Caleb McMillan
    By: Caleb McMillan Is the Bank of Canada going to raise its overnight benchmark rate? Since rising interest rates are decreed by the central bank, the real scarcity of capital in which major financial institutions can borrow and lend out overnight amongst themselves is unknown. Disconnected (...)
  • Myths Behind the War on Cash

    28 juin 2017, par Ronald-Peter Stöferle
    By: Ronald-Peter Stöferle The attacks on physical cash from a phalanx of economists, central bankers, commercial banks, and politicians have not diminished in recent years. On the contrary, in the face of the worldwide increase in terror attacks, particularly in Europe, and ongoing pressure on (...)
  • A Look at Uncertainty in the UK, Post-Election

    28 juin 2017, par Daniel Lacalle
    By: Daniel Lacalle The results of the UK elections are unquestionably negative for the economy, bad for investment, bad for the pound, and for a swift Brexit resolution. The UK economy has performed exceptionally well in the past years, even after the Brexit referendum. So well, that (...)
  • Is America Really Coming Apart, As Charles Murray Suggests ?

    28 juin 2017, par Jeff Deist
    By: Jeff Deist [The Daily Caller, June 23, 2017] A new Rasmussen poll reports that a majority of voters think so, and it certainly feels that way. Since Donald Trump’s election in November, the pace and intensity of deeply divisive rhetoric has accelerated. Antifa and the Alt-Right are literally (...)
  • Time to Cash Out of the Banking System ?

    27 juin 2017, par Joseph T. Salerno
    By: Joseph T. Salerno Uh-oh. Chairman Yellen assured us today that she does not believe that there will be another financial crisis "in our lifetimes." You may recall another perfectly timed assurance by a high-powered economist:The stability of the economy is greater than it has ever been in (...)
  • Jim Grant Explains the Gold Standard

    27 juin 2017, par Ryan McMaken
    By: Ryan McMaken Earlier this month in the Wall Street Journal, James Grant explored the latest academic attack on the gold standard — this time in the form of One Nation Under Gold by financial journalist James Ledbetter. Not that the establishment economics profession needs another book (...)
  • Republican Healthcare Plan Fails the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Test’

    27 juin 2017, par Ron Paul
    By: Ron Paul This week the Senate Republican leadership unveiled its Obamacare replacement plan. Like its House counterpart, the misnamed Senate plan retains most of Obamacare’s core features. Both the House and Senate plans allow states to obtain waivers providing relief from some Obamacare (...)
  • The Super Bubble Is in Trouble

    27 juin 2017, par Thorsten Polleit
    By: Thorsten Polleit You do not need to be a financial market wizard to see that especially bond markets have reached bubble territory: bond prices have become artificially inflated by central banks' unprecedented monetary policies. For instance, the price-earnings-ratio for the US 10-year (...)

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