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  • A step forward for Kyrgyzstan, and a chance to address long-standing problems

    19 marzo 2018, di is_lead
    Byline: By Matt Tappert
  • El Salvador’s Elections—Largely Free and Fair

    16 marzo 2018, di is_lead
    Byline: By Democracy Speaks
  • A Political Party for Youth by Youth: Building the Indonesian Solidarity Party

    15 marzo 2018, di is_lead
    Byline: By Rachael Abigail
  • IRI Russia Expert Published in New Eastern Europe Magazine

    15 marzo 2018, di jsibley
    Is Putinism Sustainable? New Eastern Europe By Lukasz Kondraciuk After nearly 20 years in power, Vladimir Putin has become more than just the symbol of an era – he is arguably its creator. A lawyer and former KGB officer, Putin is perceived by many to be one of the world’s most powerful leaders (...)
  • IRI President Daniel Twining Quoted in Nikkei

    14 marzo 2018, di jsibley
    US and China project 'sharp power' in the Indian Ocean Nikkei By Hiroyuki Akita TOKYO -- As the world's two largest economies compete to expand their spheres of influence, the U.S. and China are pushing separate development initiatives centered around the Indian Ocean. China has its Belt (...)
  • IRI's Work in the Balkans Cited by the German Marshall Fund

    14 marzo 2018, di jsibley
    Supporting Civil Society in Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans: Old and New Challenges The German Marshall Fund By Rosa Balfour and Nicolas Bouchet Assistance in democracy, human rights, and civil society from outside governmental and nongovernmental donors has substantially supported (...)
  • IRI Ukraine Poll Cited in The Daily Signal

    14 marzo 2018, di jsibley
    4 Years After the Revolution, Ukraine Still Battles Corruption and Russian Aggression The Daily Signal By Nolan Peterson KYIV, Ukraine—Four years ago this week, central Kyiv resembled a quieted urban battlefield. Ukraine’s capital city was, at that time, reeling from months of street protests (...)
  • IRI Cited by Thomas Melia in The Atlantic

    14 marzo 2018, di jsibley
    Russia and America Aren't Morally Equivalent The Atlantic Council By Thomas Melia Two muffins are sitting in an oven, baking. One muffin turns to the other and says: “Is it just me, or is it getting really hot in here?” The second muffin turns to the first and says: “Holy cow, a talking (...)
  • IRI Tunisia Poll Cited by the Atlantic Council

    14 marzo 2018, di jsibley
    How Legal Reform Can Drive Social Change for Women in Tunisia MENASource (The Atlantic Council) By Andrea Taylor and Elissa Miller While women in the Middle East and North Africa still face critical challenges, it is worth noting recent progress on the occasion of international women’s day. (...)
  • IRI's Work in The Gambia Cited by The Christian Science Monitor

    14 marzo 2018, di jsibley
    After fall of a dictator, young Gambians push into politics The Christian Science Monitor By Anna Pujol-Mazzini MARCH 12, 2018 LABAKOREH, GAMBIA—Abdoulie Ceesay steps out of his shiny white pick-up on a sandy road, quickly followed by his team. On the agenda of this member of Parliament’s (...)

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