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  • Protecting Environmental Defenders This Earth Day

    22 April 2018, by Human Rights Watch
    Expand Indigenous people arrive in Quito after marching for 10 days to protest new mining and water law initiatives, as well as a constitutional reform project that would have allowed for indefinite re-election of the president. August 12, 2015. © 2015 José Jácome/EFE Last month, Latin America (...)
  • US Deporting More Long-Term Residents

    21 April 2018, by Human Rights Watch
    Expand A man, who was deported from the U.S. seven months ago, touches the fingertips of his nephew across a fence separating Mexico and US, as photographed from Tijuana, Mexico, March 4, 2017. © 2017 Reuters Since Donald Trump became president of the United States, immigrants who have lived (...)
  • US Congress Should Back Bill Supporting Women’s Economic Empowerment

    20 April 2018, by Human Rights Watch
    Expand Esther Mambwe and her family were evicted from Kalengo section by a commercial farmer in 2016. “We didn’t know anything about this [commercial] farm until one day we saw a muzungu [white man] carrying something and he said he was making a boundary,” Mambwe said. © 2017 Samer Muscati for (...)
  • Displaced Congolese Face Being Returned to Harm’s Way

    20 April 2018, by Human Rights Watch
    Expand A woman walks at an internally displaced persons (IDP) camp in Bunia, Ituri province, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, April 12, 2018. © 2018 Reuters Since mid-December, unidentified assailants have killed more than 260 people and burned thousands of homes in the Democratic (...)
  • ‘No Comment’ in Burundi

    20 April 2018, by Human Rights Watch
    The Burundian government desperately wants an overwhelming win in next month’s constitutional referendum that will enable the president to extend his term in office. To do this, it must present the image of unity in the country – and open debate and criticism are less than welcome. Expand Logo (...)
  • Ecuador: Political Interference in the Judiciary

    20 April 2018, by Human Rights Watch
    Expand A general view of the main room in Ecuador's National Court, February 15, 2012. © 2012 Reuters. (Washington, DC) – Ecuadorean authorities should conduct a thorough and impartial investigation into credible allegations of political interference in the judiciary, Human Rights Watch said (...)
  • Lebanon: Mass Evictions of Syrian Refugees

    20 April 2018, by Human Rights Watch
    Expand A clothesline in an informal tent settlement in Bar Elias, Bekaa Governorate, Lebanon. Refugees evicted from the Rayak air base area settled here in January 2018. The refugees say there was no procedure, no written notice, no opportunity to discuss or challenge their removal, and that (...)
  • Iraq: Officials Dispose of Potential War Crime Evidence

    20 April 2018, by Human Rights Watch
    An incident on March 29, 2018, in which government workers removed about 80 bodies from a damaged house, raised suspicions of a cover-up of killings of possible Islamic State suspect. Days later, the house had been burned. (Erbil) – An incident on March 29, 2018, in which government workers (...)
  • Nepal: New Government Needs to Prioritize Rights

    20 April 2018, by Human Rights Watch
    Expand Nepal’s Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Oli signs the oath of office papers next to President Bidhya Devi Bhandari in Kathmandu, Nepal, February 15, 2018. © 2018 Navesh Chitrakar/Reuters (New York) – Nepal’s newly elected government led by Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Oli should take steps to (...)
  • US Supreme Court Ends Vague Basis for Deportation

    19 April 2018, by Human Rights Watch
    Expand Police officers stand in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, U.S., January 19, 2018. © 2018 Reuters The Supreme Court of the United States took a small step this week towards a fairer immigration system, eliminating one particularly troubling legal provision under which (...)

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