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  • The Trump Administration to Latinos : Show Me Your Papers or Be Deported

    21 avril 2017, par Katherine Culliton-González
    With the Trump effect, we have now entered into a new era of exacerbated racial discrimination against Latino, Asian and black immigrant communities in the United States. This week, the nation learned that a 23-year-old “Dreamer” Juan Manuel Montes, who had been granted immigration relief, was (...)
  • It's Time For The Wealthiest Americans To Pay Their Taxes

    19 avril 2017
    Refinery 29 | Heather McGhee This past Saturday, in cities across our nation, Americans rose up around the issue that brought our founding fathers to their feet and began a revolution: taxes. read more
  • New election analysis : Yes, it really was blatant racism that gave us President Donald Trump

    19 avril 2017
    Salon | Amanda Marcotte Sean McElwee, a policy analyst for Demos and frequent contributor to Salon, published a statistical analysis last week, based on data collected by the American National Election Studies that clearly demonstrates that racism, rather th read (...)
  • Minimum Wage for Inmates and Detainees ? The Start of an Exploration

    19 avril 2017, par Connie Razza
    On April 10, the Prison Policy Initiative released an updated comprehensive state-by-state list of wages paid to incarcerated people. In a surprising finding, PPI found that: read more
  • The Model Minority Myth

    17 avril 2017
    Fortune | Ellen McGirt Understanding the racial wealth gap read more
  • ESSENCE Presents 'Woke 100 Women'

    17 avril 2017
    Essence | Michael Arceneaux Tanya A. Christian Vanessa K. De Luca Regina R. Robertson Tanisha A. Sykes Lauren N. Williams For the first time ever, ESSENCE honors the women who are blazing trails for equal rights and inclusion for Black people in (...)
  • Nationwide Tax Day Marches Demand Donald Trump Release His Tax Returns

    16 avril 2017
    The Huffington Post | Daniel Marans WASHINGTON ― Tens of thousands of activists demonstrated in cities across the country on Saturday ― the date when Americans’ taxes are normally due ― to demand the release of President Donald Trump’s tax returns. [...] read (...)
  • Experts debate : Does Walmart help or hurt America's economy ?

    13 avril 2017
    MPR News | MPR News Staff Walmart is the country's largest private-sector employer. Which has made it a target of both praise and criticism. [...] "Walmart's business model is pretty simple," said Amy Traub. "The company pays its workers poverty wages. It offers few benefits and it (...)
  • Tax Day is Essential to Democracy, Yet Trump Misses the Point

    13 avril 2017, par Connie Razza
    Much like Election Day, Tax Day is a shared expression of our democracy enacted by its participants. read more
  • How Racism Helped Trump & Halts Progressive Policy

    13 avril 2017, par Sean McElwee
    What propelled Donald Trump to victory in the 2016 election? Though the foggy aftermath of the election left us with many competing theories, only now are the data to test them coming out. The recently released American National Election Studies (ANES) survey can give us some insights into the (...)

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