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  • LUCHA Fights To Win For David García And All Arizonans

    29 agosto 2018, di Alejandra Gomez
    Arizonans are standing up to say once and for all, ¡YA BASTA! It’s time we have the elected leaders we deserve, who will courageously fight for us at all levels […] Source
  • It’s Time To Fight Like Hell To End Our Overdose Crisis

    28 agosto 2018, di Jasmine Budnella
    Our country’s overdose crisis kills more people every day than gun violence, suicides, and traffic accidents. Even more shocking is that these lives could be saved – yet we fail […] Source
  • Kavanaugh Threatens the Supreme Court’s Legitimacy

    27 agosto 2018, di Miles Mogulescu
    Will no Senator put conscience and Constitution ahead of partisan efforts to ramrod the lifetime appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court? Source
  • Why Do Corporate Boards So Overpay U.S. CEOs?

    24 agosto 2018, di Sam Pizzigati
    Corporate boards are asking us to blame sky-high CEO pay on the laws of supply and demand. The actual arithmetic tells a completely different story. So let's focus on the real problems -- and real solutions, like the notion of a maximum wage. (...)
  • Progressives May End Education’s ‘Funding Vs. Accountability’ War

    23 agosto 2018, di Jeff Bryant
    On the front lines of this year's political campaigns, there is evidence of a sea change in education thinking that may finally break out of the funding versus accountability debate to find a more holistic vision of what schools and students need. (...)
  • There’s a Way to Make Corporations Work for Workers, Too

    22 agosto 2018, di Leo Gerard
    U.S. corporations and executives often assume they have only one responsibility, to fill their own pockets. Sen. Elizabeth Warren's Accountable Capitalism Act would change that, by bringing workers into the boardroom, and keeping executives from using stock buybacks to enrich themselves. (...)
  • Turning Back the Tide of Hate In Iowa and Beyond

    20 agosto 2018, di Erica Johnson
    There’s a phrase we use here in Iowa to say how people should treat one another: “Iowa Nice.” We think of ourselves as kind, generous, family friendly and closely-knit, and […] Source
  • How to Win Elections from the Ground Up

    17 agosto 2018, di Robert Borosage
    Tuesday's primaries are proof that populist progressives are slowly remaking the Democratic Party. They are running to win at the state and local level, building momentum for reform and a deep bench for change in the future. (...)
  • The Constitution’s Case for Impeachment

    16 agosto 2018, di Miles Mogulescu
    The authors of a newly released book make a powerful case that Donald Trump has committed numerous impeachable offenses, individually and in the aggregate, and that failure to act endangers the future of American democracy. If our political leaders will not take up this call, then it must come (...)
  • Progressives Win Big in Wisconsin Primary

    15 agosto 2018, di Robert Kraig
    Citizen Action Wisconsin members who just won primary races by wide margins are proof the blue wave Democrats hope will crest in November continues to rise. They are the tip of a progressive iceberg, which is getting ready to crash the GOP’s “unsinkable” ship of gerrymandering and dark money and (...)

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