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  • Why Charter Schools Are Losing Support from Democrats

    21 de agosto de 2017, por Jeff Bryant — Blog
    Progressive candidates and office holders have had little to say about school vouchers and charter schools. They'll need to wise up soon, as these policies are rapidly being defined by an emboldened grassroots as not at all progressive.
  • Charlottesville Leaders Call for Racial Equity

    21 de agosto de 2017, por Tim Wilkins — Blog
    The widespread outrage sparked by white supremacist violence in Charlottesville may prompt dialogue and action nationwide to promote racial equity, according to leaders from the Virginia city.
  • After Bannon, Do Hawks Rule the Roost?

    20 de agosto de 2017, por Miles Mogulescu — Blog
    For all the harm Steve Bannon has done, he was right to point out that there’s no military solution to North Korea. After Bannon, one has to wonder who will dare suggest anything other than military solutions to Trump.
  • What To Make Of The Democrats’ Growing Divide On Education

    17 de agosto de 2017, por Jeff Bryant — Blog
    As Donald Trump unites Democrats on civil rights, healthcare, and immigration, his views on education policy are dividing the party. Democrats in denial of this are only going to make the party’s already marginalized status worse.
  • As Trump Hits a New Low, Here’s How We Go High

    17 de agosto de 2017, por Isaiah J. Poole — Blog
    Donald Trump has unapologetically poured fuel on the fires of racial hate. What this moment calls for is a resistance that is as morally principled and politically strategic as it is fierce.
  • Busting Myths About the Confederacy

    17 de agosto de 2017, por Bernie Horn — Blog
    As white supremacists and neo-Nazis try to infest our communities with hate, it is important to contest their revisionist history. We should take down their symbols, but also examine the untruths taught in our schools about the Civil (...)
  • No More Trickle-Down Trade Deals

    16 de agosto de 2017, por Leo Gerard — Blog
    A renegotiated NAFTA that subordinates the needs of workers will meet the fate of the now-dead Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade deal. The humans in the United States, Canada and Mexico won’t be tricked or trickled down on (...)
  • Movements Are Driving Democratic Party Debate

    16 de agosto de 2017, por Robert Borosage — Blog
    Movements, not politicians, are driving debate within the Democratic Party. The outcome is far from clear, but bemoaning this battle is like decrying the rising of the sun. People are engaged, and the demand for change is real.
  • What You Can Do Now to Help Dismantle Racism

    15 de agosto de 2017, por Ladelle McWhorter — Blog
    Supremacists came to Charlottesville because they’re afraid of change - so afraid, they’re willing to terrorize the rest of us to prevent it. Here's what we can do now to help dismantle racism in Virginia and beyond.
  • Charlottesville Is An Urgent Call for Voting Rights

    15 de agosto de 2017, por Libero Della Piana — Blog
    People’s organizations, armed with the peaceful power of the vote, can take back statehouses in Virginia and all across the country, reversing the agenda of helmeted cowards and their allies. Wouldn’t that be the sweetest revenge?

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