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  • Election Results Show When Democrats Win, ‘Education Reform’ Often Loses

    17 de noviembre de 2017, por Jeff Bryant — Blog
    Election results in Denver, Virginia and elsewhere were good news for Democrats but not for Democratic "education reformers" who've supported the Republican agenda of school privatization, standardized testing and tough-on-teacher (...)
  • Trump’s HHS Pick Alex Azar Is the Worst Pharma Bro of All

    17 de noviembre de 2017, por Richard Eskow — Blog
    Nominating Alexander Azar for Health and Human Services Secretary is like pinning a sheriff's badge on Billy the Kid. When it comes to public harm, the mild-mannered Azar puts blowhard "pharma bros" like Martin Shkreli to shame.
  • The GOP Tax Plan Is a Declaration of War on Learning

    16 de noviembre de 2017, por Jeff Bryant — Blog
    What Republicans propose in their tax plans isn't just a raid on budget items for the sake of fiscal efficiency; their plans are part of a strategic offensive against the very idea that all children and youth have a right to (...)
  • Democrats Will Need More Than Resistance to Govern

    15 de noviembre de 2017, por Robert Borosage — Blog
    Sweeping victories in last Tuesday’s elections provided a bracing tonic for Democrats. Party pros decry internal divisions, but the fact that grassroots activists are putting energy into electoral politics may be the best hope for (...)
  • Phil Murphy’s Victory and the Goldmanization of Government

    15 de noviembre de 2017, por Sam Pizzigati — Blog
    Phil Murphy, New Jersey's governor-elect, is the latest alum of Wall Street powerhouse Goldman Sachs to join government. Unlike his GOP peers, he promises to help workers and families. Will this help his troubled state? Only time will (...)
  • 7 Ways Democrats Misread the Election Results

    14 de noviembre de 2017, por Richard Eskow — Blog
    If you're a Democrat, there's a name for that unfamiliar emotion you were feeling last Tuesday night. It's called happiness. But there is a serious risk that the party will draw the wrong lessons from last week's results.
  • Why We Need to Confront the Billionaires’ Paradise

    13 de noviembre de 2017, por Richard Eskow — Blog
    New reports offer a rare glimpse into the world of the super-rich. Their concentrated wealth is the dark matter of the world economy: rarely seen, yet reshaping everything around it. We must confront this power before it is too (...)
  • In North Carolina, Charter Schools Force ‘Zero-Sum’ Education

    11 de noviembre de 2017, por Jeff Bryant — Blog
    The Tar Heel states shows how charter schools and other forms of 'school choice' turn education funding into a contest between haves and have-nots, in ways that divide communities and segregate students.
  • Talking Truth About Guns & Gambling After Vegas

    10 de noviembre de 2017, por Bernie Horn — Blog
    In the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting, authorities and the NRA have put on a master class in how to bamboozle the media and whitewash unpleasant truths about guns and gambling. It's time to speak truth to power in this country.
  • 2017 Elections Mark the Dawn of Change

    9 de noviembre de 2017, por Laurel Wales — Blog
    Election Day 2017 feels like the dawn of a new era, and a new kind of politics, in this country. Up and down the ballot, courageous ordinary folks are running for office on issues that truly matter. And guess what? They're winning.

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