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  • The Big Lie Behind Trump’s Education Budget

    28 mars 2017, par Jeff Bryant — Blog
    The anger public school advocates have for Trump's proposed education budget cuts is well-deserved. But the target for their anger should not be just the extent of the cuts but also how the cuts are being pitched to the public.
  • ALEC’s Push for a Constitutional Convention Reaches Wisconsin

    28 mars 2017, par Richard Eskow — Blog
    A constitutional convention makes for a snappy hashtag, #ConCon. But, as GOP leaders in Idaho recently discovered, it is an impractical idea that could result in a "runaway" convention that dangerously rewrites the U.S. Constitution.
  • Trump Nominates ‘Alligator’ Clayton To Run SEC

    28 mars 2017, par Dave Johnson — Blog
    Trump has been filling his administration with swamp creatures, and Wall Street bailout lawyer Jay Clayton, Trump's pick to head the SEC, appears to be one more alligator.
  • America Can’t Afford Another Gorsuch in Government

    27 mars 2017, par Lois Gibbs — Blog
    Neil Gorsuch is not the first in his family to seek high office. As a teen he watched his mother, former EPA chief Anne Gorsuch, as she oversaw the mishandling of funds and withheld evidence from Congress. He later condoned these (...)
  • Trump Promised Bigly Infrastructure, His Budget Cuts It

    27 mars 2017, par Dave Johnson — Blog
    Candidate Trump swore fixing roads and bridges would be at the top of his list of spending priorities. Unfortunately, in his "America First" budget blueprint, the rubber doesn't meet the road.
  • Health Care Victory Paves Way for Redoubled Resistance

    27 mars 2017, par LeeAnn Hall — Blog
    Fending off the health care repeal is a huge win that will save lives. The battle brought out seasoned and new activists, who can see the fruit of their persistence, and are now energized in a new way for the fight ahead.
  • Blocking Gorsuch Matters Now More Than Ever

    24 mars 2017, par Miles Mogulescu — Blog
    We must force wavering Democratic senators to filibuster Gorsuch's nomination to the Supreme Court, by showing up at their offices to let them know they will face primary challenges if they let him pass.
  • Democrats Should Focus More on Jobs, Less on Russia

    24 mars 2017, par Robert Borosage — Blog
    Democrats must confront the moral horrors of Trump's policies head-on: jobs, healthcare, civil rights and the Supreme Court are all under attack. We must defend these first, even if there's a 'smell of treason' in the air.
  • Grassroots Power Stalls Trumpcare

    24 mars 2017, par Rafael Diaz — Blog
    People's Action groups stood up in Pennsylvania and other states to let elected officials know we won't let them trade away health care for a tax break to the richest two percent of the country.
  • Alaska, Montana & Indian Health Benefits Under Fire

    23 mars 2017, par Mark Trahant — Blog
    The story of Alaska and Montana is not front and center in the health-care debate in the House, but it should be. Both states get a raw deal under the GOP's plan, and Montana doesn't even get a vote.

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