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  • They’re Talking a Better Game, But Will the Democrats Fight ?

    23 mai 2017, par Richard Eskow — Blog
    They're proposing bold ideas - but not bold enough. Democrats need to take on the billionaires and corporate interests that have suborned democracy and hijacked our economy if they want to win back voters.
  • Trump Reality Show Distracts From Dismantling Medicaid

    22 mai 2017, par Mark Trahant — Blog
    The House’s American Health Care Act does more than roll back Obamacare: it ends a Medicaid program that works. It’s the single most effective form of “government” insurance that secures health care options for 62.3 million Americans.
  • The Time Is Now to Stand Up for the CFPB

    22 mai 2017, par Isaiah J. Poole — Financial Reform
    The Los Angeles City Attorney says the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was key to holding Wells Fargo accountable during the bank's massive fake accounts scandal. Now is the time to stand up to the GOP's assault against the (...)
  • How U.S. Firms Offshore Production, Then Pollution

    22 mai 2017, par Yue Maggie Zhou — Blog
    On Earth Day, Trump tweeted that "Economic growth enhances environmental protection. Jobs matter!” His message was eerily similar to assertions in developing countries that environmental standards are less important than attracting (...)
  • Trump’s Global Gag Order : 5 Questions Answered

    19 mai 2017, par Maureen Miller — Blog
    President Trump signed an executive order to slash the nearly $8.8 billion the U.S. spends annually to fight deadly diseases. The callous move makes millions around the world more vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.
  • How We Can Get Walmart’s $237-Million-Man to Pay His Own Freight

    19 mai 2017, par Sam Pizzigati — Blog
    American taxpayers subsidize windfalls for executives at low-wage employers like Walmart by helping them avoid paying $6.2 billion in benefits. Here’s a promising idea from across the pond that could help reverse how the subsidies (...)
  • Trump Cuts Student Aid to Feed School Privatization

    19 mai 2017, par Jeff Bryant — Blog
    The Trump administration plans to cut programs for low-income school kids and college students to stoke the coffers of privately-operated schools and private lenders who profit from college debts.
  • Warren Skewers Mnuchin for Doublespeak on Breaking Up Banks

    18 mai 2017, par Lauren McCauley — Blog
    Sen. Elizabeth Warren slammed Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin for backtracking on promises the new administration would support breaking up the big banks, calling his doublespeak "bizarre" and "straight out of George Orwell."
  • Five Reasons Why Krasner Won

    18 mai 2017, par Lev Hirschhorn — Blog
    Civil rights attorney Larry Krasner's successful bid to become Democratic candidate for Philadelphia DA is a major victory for social movements fighting for racial and economic justice. Here are five takeaways from his win.
  • For Democrats, Resistance Trumps Ideas

    18 mai 2017, par Robert Borosage — Blog
    Democratic Party luminaries say they want “new, fresh, bold, provocative ideas that can move us forward.” But when they gathered this week, they found it hard to focus on jobs, climate and how to get big money out of our politics.

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