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  • Teacher diversity gaps hit close to home for nearly everyone

    23 ottobre 2017, di Michael Hansen, Diana Quintero — Education
    Last month, we kicked off a series focused on diversity in the public teacher workforce with an article looking at patterns and trends in the diversity gap across locales, school sectors, and teacher generations. This analysis showed, among other things, that the diversity gap is not (...)
  • Future Development Reads: Xi Jinping, China’s People’s Party, and the middle-income trap

    20 ottobre 2017, di Indermit Gill — China
    I teach a course at Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy called ‘The Big Debates in International Development.” This map gives you an idea of the issues we debate in class. My own answers to these questions might surprise you; some of my answers surprised even me. Next week, we’ll be (...)
  • Africa in the news: Terror attack in Somalia, election concerns in Kenya, and Rio Tinto’s fraud charge in Mozambique

    20 ottobre 2017, di Dhruv Gandhi — Campaigns & Elections
    Deadly explosions in Somalia’s capital kill at least 300 people On Saturday, two vehicle-borne bombs exploded at busy intersections in the heart of Mogadishu. One of the bombs detonated next to a fuel truck, igniting a massive, fiery blast. City officials have confirmed that over 300 people died (...)
  • Charts of the week: women’s economic growth and participation

    20 ottobre 2017, di Chris McKenna — Post
    In a new e-book, the Hamilton Project at Brookings analyzed the current state of women in the American workforce, and proposed policies that could lead to better outcomes for both women and the economy as a whole. Below are three charts from the full report we found interesting. For a copy of (...)
  • Three takeaways from the Cruz-Sanders debate

    20 ottobre 2017, di Vanessa Williamson — U.S. Congress
    This week Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Bernie Sanders of Vermont faced off in a heated debate on a pressing policy issue. In February, the Senators talked health care; this week it was tax reform’s turn. Once again, it was a discussion that managed to be contentious but (...)
  • Beyond a number: How qualitative accountability can make a difference to schools

    20 ottobre 2017, di Robert Shand — Education
    The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) challenges states to enhance their accountability systems while overcoming the limits of test-based accountability by requiring that systems include at least one school quality or non-test-based student success indicator. Ten states have adopted a framework (...)
  • International affairs experts reach consensus on how to restructure foreign aid

    20 ottobre 2017, di George Ingram — Global Development
    The Trump administration has demonstrated that there is no better way to galvanize a community and activate energy than with an existential threat. The international affairs community has been heated about proposed cuts and reforms to development and diplomatic agencies, but until now, experts (...)
  • Raqqa has fallen. Has ISIS?

    19 ottobre 2017, di Christopher Meserole
    On Tuesday, after two months of grueling urban combat against Islamic State militants, the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) declared that “military operations in Raqqa have ceased.” Jubilant soldiers quickly paraded through the bombed-out husk of “Hell Square,” where the Islamic State (...)
  • 6 things to know about rising anti-establishment politics in the US and Europe

    19 ottobre 2017, di Chris McKenna — Campaigns & Elections
    Starting with the United Kingdom’s referendum to withdraw from the European Union last summer, a new anti-establishment fervor has emerged in elections around the world. The nativist and populist discourse from Austria’s Norbert Hofer, France’s Marine Le Pen, and Donald Trump in each of their (...)
  • #IWill? What I learned from my week as an online activist

    19 ottobre 2017, di Tamara Cofman Wittes
    I’m a policy professional, so my days are focused on trying to arrive at workable solutions to social and political questions of daunting complexity. And it’s hard to think of a more complex problem than the pervasiveness and persistence of sexual assault and sexual harassment, affecting people (...)

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