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  • Future Development Reads : The ongoing debate about the future of work

    8 décembre 2017, par Wolfgang Fengler — Post
    The future of work has received renewed attention due the rise of populist movements across Europe, the United States, and beyond. In fact, the Future Development Reads series has featured many reflections on the topic, and the World Bank just published an insightful report about The Future of (...)
  • An al-Qaida setback in Syria ?

    8 décembre 2017, par Daniel L. Byman
    Unheralded amid the recent political chaos in Washington and upheavals in the Middle East was a potential bit of good news: revelations that the al-Qaida core’s split from its Syrian affiliate did not resemble a gentle parting but rather an acrimonious divorce. The revelation, which emerged from (...)
  • Fill the gaps in the tax bill with a carbon tax and expanded benefits for working families

    8 décembre 2017, par Aparna Mathur, Adele Morris
    The GOP tax bill seems to be on its way to becoming law, pending reconciliation of the differences between the House and Senate versions. Whatever the final form of the legislation, it is extremely likely that it will add over a trillion dollars to the deficit over a ten year window. Analysis (...)
  • Africa in the news : Nakumatt’s bankruptcy woes, Senegal’s new airport, and Cameroon’s growing crisis

    8 décembre 2017, par Christina Golubski — Developing Economies
    East African supermarket giant Nakumatt’s bankruptcy paves the way for new players The managers of Nakumatt, Kenya’s largest supermarket chain, filed for administration under insolvency laws at Kenya’s high court in late October. The retail giant’s 60 outlets throughout East Africa source products (...)
  • Donald Trump’s Jerusalem move may prove too clever by half

    8 décembre 2017, par Martin S. Indyk — U.S. Foreign Policy
    There were several curious elements in Donald Trump’s announcement on Wednesday that he was reversing 70 years of U.S. policy and officially recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Normally on such occasions, the president stands alone in front of the cameras. This time Mike Pence, his (...)
  • Metro areas are still racially segregated

    8 décembre 2017, par Jenny Schuetz
    Where families live has profound implications for their access to opportunity. Our neighborhoods are the entry points to schools, transportation, jobs, health care, parks, and other local amenities. Where we live also determines who we interact with day to day, from professional networks and (...)
  • Where’s the fire ? With unclear legal authority, Trump FCC rushes to hand responsibility over internet service to FTC

    8 décembre 2017, par Tom Wheeler — Courts & Law
    The Trump Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has determined, amazingly but not surprisingly, to rush through its transfer of authority over internet service providers to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)—even before knowing if that agency possesses the authority to handle such matters. You (...)
  • What we learned from Reagan’s tax cuts

    8 décembre 2017, par David Wessel
    The tax bill speeding through Congress is being sold - by its advocates - as so good for the economy, that it will boost growth and offset any losses from the cuts. Those of you who were around in the 1980s might be feeling a sense of deja vu, especially when you recall what Ronald (...)
  • After weathering the storms, jobs numbers are back on track

    8 décembre 2017, par Jonathan Wright
    The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) employment report released today shows that 228,000 jobs were added in November. In this blog post, I report results from three alternative projections, each of which was calculated using methodology outlined in my past research. Applying a more stable (...)
  • Beyond the DC beltway, experts debate America’s role in the world

    8 décembre 2017, par Michael E. O'Hanlon, Christopher Preble, William Ruger, Constanze Stelzenmüller
    1Why did you want to participate in a Brookings-Charles Koch Institute debate? Constanze Stelzenmüller: I thought it was a great way to take the debate about the fundamentals of American foreign policy beyond the Beltway. Christopher Preble: For me, it was a no brainer. These are two first-rate (...)

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