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  • Earth Day : it is about equity as well as the environment

    21 avril 2018, par Eleanor Krause, Richard V. Reeves — Environment
    Growing gaps in family structure, educational investments, school readiness, test scores, and college entry and completion all make upward economic mobility a more difficult prospect for children born to poor families. Poor children in poor neighborhoods are at an even greater disadvantage. (...)
  • Why the climate challenge needs congressional action

    21 avril 2018, par Adele Morris, Samantha Gross — Climate Change
    President Trump has aimed to undo much of the Obama administration’s policy on energy and climate. This includes announcing a withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, repealing the Clean Power Plan, rolling back vehicle fuel economy standards, attempting to rescind rules on methane emissions (...)
  • On Earth Day, 5 facts about environmental policy and research

    20 avril 2018, par Alison Burke — Environment
    On April 22, 1970, 20 million Americans participated in massive rallies and events across the country with the goal of raising awareness of the deterioration of the environment, and to spur government action to support a healthier and more sustainable world. By the end of that year, their (...)
  • Charts of the week : Congressional primaries, Canada’s First Nations population, and the market for child care

    20 avril 2018, par Chris McKenna — Post
    Click on any of the links to access the full research. HOW MANY TRUMP VOTERS CAST BALLOTS IN ILLINOIS' 3RD CONGRESSIONAL PRIMARY? Senior Fellow Elaine Kamarck and other members of The Primaries Project recently took a closer look at voting patterns in last month’s Illinois primary, and (...)
  • Africa in the news : Google Go launch, DRC humanitarian conference, and WB/IMF Spring Meetings

    20 avril 2018, par Mariama Sow — Developing Economies
    Google Go launches in Africa This week, Google released the Google Go app in South Africa, with upcoming launches in other African countries. The modified search app circumvents the continent’s slow internet connections. Charles Murito, Google’s country head for Kenya, which also hosts the (...)
  • Development for security : Lending for peace ?

    20 avril 2018, par Paul M. Bisca — Defense & Security
    One of the first things that visitors see when entering the World Bank headquarters in Washington, D.C., is a small plaque proclaiming a grand aspiration: “Our dream is a world free of poverty.” Over time, this mantra has become associated with projects ranging from building dams and highways, to (...)
  • Teachers have been moonlighting in Texas—and elsewhere—to make ends meet

    20 avril 2018, par Dick Startz — Education
    Last month, we talked about the fact that teachers are more likely than others to work second jobs. Since then, there have been all sorts of stories about teachers in Oklahoma working multiple jobs—as many as six! And the stories are neither new nor limited to Oklahoma. Presumably, teachers who (...)
  • All politics is local—in Libya, that could be an opportunity

    20 avril 2018, par Federica Saini Fasanotti
    Libya is in no better shape today than it was in 2011. In spite of the best efforts of the U.N. Special Envoy for Libya Ghassam Salame and his talented team, there remains no political solution to stabilize and unite the country—bifurcated between a U.N.-backed government in Tripoli (the (...)
  • The fate of the Western alliance is in Macron’s hands

    20 avril 2018, par William Drozdiak
    When Emmanuel Macron arrives at the White House this month for the first state visit by a foreign leader during President Trump’s administration, the encounter will serve as a stark reminder that the fate of the Western alliance now lies in the hands of one of history’s oddest diplomatic couples. (...)
  • Firming up pay equality

    19 avril 2018, par Jishnu Das, Clement Joubert — Gender
    That women are paid less than men for the same job is unacceptable. Yet, as countries name and shame firms to tackle pay disparity, some caution is necessary. Firms are not countries, and equality within firms may imply little equality in the economy. For instance, contracting out low-paid jobs (...)

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