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  • Charts of the week : African-Americans and the economy

    23 février 2018, par Fred Dews — Post
    In his State of the Union address in January, President Trump cited the historically low black unemployment rate as an indicator of America’s economic success and growth during his presidency. However, Brookings experts Marcus Casey and Bradley Hardy note that "the unemployment rate alone (...)
  • Day Zero on the back of drought in Southern Africa : Lessons for the future

    23 février 2018, par Dhesigen Naidoo — Climate Change
    Cape Town has become the latest poster child of drought in the Southern African region. The dramatic declaration of Day Zero—the date on which the taps are turned off—has caught the attention of the world. Indeed, in light of this looming deadline, now set for July 7 of this year, the city is (...)
  • A week that raised the profile of U.S. cybersecurity concerns

    23 février 2018, par Cameron F. Kerry — Cybersecurity
    I have written in this space of a pattern of executive actions on cybersecurity coming in February around Valentine’s Day. The Obama administration issued several cybersecurity executive orders in successive Februaries. While the current administration did not get out its first cybersecurity (...)
  • Lessons from Marvel’s Black Panther : Natural resource management and increased openness in Africa

    23 février 2018, par Mariama Sow, Amadou Sy — Global Governance & Politics
    Last weekend, Marvel’s “Black Panther” was released in theaters around the world. The highly anticipated movie directed by Ryan Coogler brought in an estimated $427 million worldwide and $242 million domestically, making it the second-largest-earning Marvel Cinematic Universe movie behind “The (...)
  • Let’s invest in summer jobs programs to maximize their impact

    23 février 2018, par Martha Ross — Workforce Development
    Around the country this month, mayors’ offices are deep into planning for their 2018 summer jobs programs. These programs provide work opportunities, most of them publicly subsidized, to hundreds of thousands of teens and young adults who might otherwise struggle to find jobs. They are often a (...)
  • Why are young, educated men working less ?

    23 février 2018, par Richard V. Reeves, Eleanor Krause
    The proportion of U.S. adults in paid work has declined in recent decades. While the fall in male employment gets the most attention, female work rates are declining too. A new NBER paper from Katharine Abraham and Melissa Kearney provides a comprehensive review and rigorous analysis of the (...)
  • What to look for in the 2017 NAEP results

    23 février 2018, par Tom Loveless — Education
    Scores from the 2017 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) will be released in the coming weeks. NAEP is often referred to as “the nation’s report card,” providing a reliably accurate estimate of national academic achievement every two years. Fourth and eighth graders took NAEP (...)
  • Big moves to drive innovation and growth are alive… in Canada !

    22 février 2018, par Mark Muro, Joseph Parilla — Economic Development
    Last week saw another stark juncture in North American economic affairs. First, on Monday, February 12, the White House released a budget agenda for FY 2019 that proposed to eliminate four important programs focused on supporting regional strategies for boosting advanced-sector innovation and (...)
  • Is it time for India to play a role in Israeli-Palestinian peace ?

    22 février 2018, par Kadira Pethiyagoda — India
    The fact that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Palestine just weeks after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu toured India demonstrates just why rising powers like New Delhi can play a significant role in building peace between Israel and Palestine, and in the broader Middle (...)
  • A modern case for regional collaboration

    22 février 2018, par Amy Liu, Nathan Arnosti — Cities & Regions
    It is prevailing wisdom that cities are resurgent in the United States. City leaders are seen to be advancing a host of urgent priorities—economic mobility, climate change, housing affordability, infrastructure investment, and education, among others—at a time when the federal government is (...)

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