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  • On China, Modi Won Unexpected Support From Trump

    29 juin 2017, par Dhruva Jaishankar — International Affairs
    There is a lot to analyse, and possibly over-analyse, about the recent meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and U.S. President Donald Trump. There were some notable surprises, including the strong language used when condemning Pakistan for its refusal to crack down on terrorist groups (...)
  • Figure of the week : Women, business, and the law—How countries’ business regulations differ for men and women

    28 juin 2017, par Mariama Sow — Global Inequality
    Published in April, the World Bank’s 2017 Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) graphically represents progress of countries toward meeting SDG targets. The atlas extracts data from the World Development Indicators database and presents in infographic highlight the process made so far. (...)
  • Sustainable development : The path to economic growth in Cuba

    28 juin 2017, par Caitlyn Davis, Ted Piccone — Cuba
    As it prepares for the post-Castro era in February 2018, Cuba has the opportunity to reenergize its economic reform agenda to promote sustainable growth and stability on the island. To do so, the country will have to emerge from its current state of economic stagnation, heavy reliance on (...)
  • China’s One Belt One Road initiative : A view from the United States

    28 juin 2017, par Joshua P. Meltzer — Asia & the Pacific
    On May 4, the United States announced the conclusion of a US-China trade deal. There is some good news in terms of immediate new market access for US beef exports as well as commitments by China that its domestic regulatory agencies will consider providing the licenses and patents that are (...)
  • When GOP Senators go home, they face a health care buzz saw

    28 juin 2017, par William A. Galston — Access to Health Care
    When Republican senators get home for their July 4 break, they will run into a buzz saw. The health care bill they are considering is wildly unpopular with their constituents, and its implementation would have disastrous effects. They are likely to return to Washington even less enthusiastic (...)
  • Here are the 4 reasons McConnell couldn’t get the Senate to replace Obamacare — yet

    28 juin 2017, par Sarah A. Binder — U.S. Politics & Government
  • Cancel the Long-Range Standoff Missile

    28 juin 2017, par Steven Pifer
    Over the coming fifteen years, the Pentagon plans to spend many billions of dollars modernizing the strategic nuclear triad—when the defense budget faces competing demands. On June 14, Secretary of Defense James Mattis indicated to a Senate Appropriations subcommittee that he had not yet made up (...)
  • Emergent uncertainty in regional integration

    28 juin 2017 — Japan
    One of President Donald Trump's first executive actions was to withdraw the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the 12 member Asia-Pacific trade deal. American withdrawal from the agreement has left the remaining 11 member states wondering not only about the future of the TPP but (...)
  • Professionalism in politics : The paradox of populism

    28 juin 2017, par Jonathan Rauch, Benjamin Wittes, Adrianna Pita — U.S. Politics & Government
    In this episode of Intersections, Jonathan Rauch and Benjamin Wittes, senior fellows in Governance Studies, address the importance of political institutions in relation to direct democratic participation and discuss their new report, "More professionalism, less populism: How voting makes us (...)
  • Manufacturing under the Trump administration

    28 juin 2017 — Manufacturing
    In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, much attention has been paid to the fate of America’s once-prosperous manufacturing communities, where residents are now facing the effects of rapidly evolving technology, increased automation, and a growing Chinese manufacturing sector. President (...)

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