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  • Questions about health care reform ? Join us on Facebook Live

    27 mars 2017
    The GOP's attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare has failed. Now what? Tune in on Tuesday (3/28) at 12:30 pm CDT, when our experts Vivian Ho and Marah Short will give a five-minute overview of the situation as it stands, then answer your questions live on Facebook. Join (...)
  • Roundtable Young Professionals Spring Cocktail Mixer

    27 mars 2017
    Join the Baker Institute Roundtable Young Professionals for their spring cocktail mixer at Under the Volcano, followed by a reading and book signing with best-selling author Philip Caputo at Brazos Bookstore. Caputo will read from his new book, “Some Rise by Sin,” which tells the story of a (...)
  • Axelrod, Rove to lead presidential elections event

    24 mars 2017
  • Righting the ship at MD Anderson

    23 mars 2017
    Vivian Ho, director of the Center for Health and Biosciences, appeared on Houston Matters to discuss the financial impact of various health care reform policies on MD Anderson, which appointed an interim president this week following the resignation of Ron (...)
  • Study : Freestanding E.R.s in TX deliver costly care

    23 mars 2017
  • Study : Freestanding emergency departments in Texas deliver costly care, ’sticker shock’

    23 mars 2017
    HOUSTON – (March 23, 2017) – The rapid growth of freestanding emergency departments in Texas has been accompanied by an equal increase in use at relatively high prices that lead to sizable out-of-pocket costs to patients, according to new research by experts at Rice University, Baylor College of (...)
  • Neil Gorsuch hearings turning into ’partisan battle’

    23 mars 2017
    Houston Matters talked to Mark Jones, fellow in political science, on Wednesday about the ongoing Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. "We're seeing this build into a partisan battle, and that's good for Gorsuch in that it's very difficult for Democrats to block (...)
  • Creating the Future of Water Treatment

    22 mars 2017
    Following the Civic Scientist Lecture Series presentation by National Science Foundation director France A. Córdova, faculty and students from Rice University’s NSF Engineering Research Center for Nanotechnology-Enabled Water Treatment (NEWT) will showcase projects such as NEWT’s nano-enhanced (...)
  • How Would the AHCA Affect Health Care in Texas ?

    22 mars 2017
    Vivian Ho, director of the Center for Health and Biosciences, participated in a Facebook Live event hosted by Legacy Community Health to discuss the American Health Care Act (AHCA). She explained that since Harris County leads Texas and Texas leads the United States in terms of numbers of the (...)
  • George Abbey on Trump’s NASA Bill

    22 mars 2017
    President Donald Trump signed a bill on Tuesday authorizing $19.5 billion to be spent on NASA's deep space missions and setting a goal of sending manned missions to Mars by the 2030s. George Abbey, senior space fellow and former director of the Johnson Space Center, said that unless a (...)

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