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  • Book Presentation : The Rule of Law and Mexico’s Energy Reform

    12 juin 2017
    The objective of Mexico’s historic energy reform is to revitalize the national oil and gas industry, which leads to questions related to the rule of law, including, among others: How will this reform increase foreign and private investment in the sector? How will laws and regulations that deal (...)
  • Leaders of Mexico and Germany meet in ’solidarity’ against Trump

    9 juin 2017
    Tony Payan, director of the Mexico Center, is quoted in a story about German Chancellor Angela Merkel meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto to discuss President Donald Trump’s criticisms of their respective countries. Los Angeles Times: (...)
  • Zika outlook less dire as disease wanes in Southern Hemisphere

    8 juin 2017
    New cases of Zika transmission are declining in Caribbean and South American countries that were hardest hit by the mosquita-bourne virus according to public health officials, the Houston Chronicle reports. Peter Hotez, fellow in disease and poverty, said while Texas does not have enough (...)
  • Electricity Reform and Retail Pricing in Texas

    8 juin 2017
  • Amb. Djerejian on Armenia’s future

    7 juin 2017
    At a time of transition in international politics, "it's very important for Armenia to capitalize on its identity as a small country with little natural resources, but a very intelligent population and with an ability to become a regional hub — be it high-tech, be it for financial trade," writes (...)
  • Diplomatic Crisis in the Gulf

    7 juin 2017
  • Abbott calls summer special session

    6 juin 2017
    Gov. Greg Abbott's order to convene a special session of the Texas Legislature was a move to reassert his dominance over staunch conservatives in his party, political science fellow Mark P. Jones told the Houston Chronicle. "[The agenda for the session] is a Christmas list of everything the (...)
  • Houston startup community struggles to attract venture capital

    6 juin 2017
    The Houston Chronicle reports on some of the key findings of a McNair Center study on Houston's startup institutions: http://bit.ly/2r6umau
  • Amb. Djerejian addresses Armenia’s diplomats

    6 juin 2017
    At the invitation of Armenia’s Foreign Minister, Edward Nalbandian, Ambassador Edward P. Djerejian addresses the Republic of Armenia’s diplomatic personnel on U.S., foreign policy and conflict resolution at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Yerevan, Armenia, on May 25, (...)
  • Saudi Dispute With Qatar Rooted in Gas

    6 juin 2017
    Fellow Jim Krane explains how Qatar’s financial wealth and independence due to its LNG exports is at the root of its dispute with rival Saudi Arabia, which along with five other Arab nations and the Maldives has now severed diplomatic ties with Qatar. Bloomberg Politics: (...)

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