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Arkansas Family Council

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  • CO Doctors: This Baby Boy Died From Marijuana Overdose

    16 November 2017, by Jerry Cox
    Colorado doctors writing in the journal Clinical Practice and Cases in Emergency Medicine have confirmed that an otherwise-healthy, 11-month-old baby has died from marijuana overdose. Researchers say the baby was lethargic; suffered a seizure; became unresponsive; and experienced fluctuations (...)
  • Family Council Saddened at the Passing of Sen. Standridge

    16 November 2017, by Jerry Cox
    On Thursday Senator Greg Standridge (R — Russellville) passed away following a battle with cancer. Family Council President Jerry Cox released a statement saying, “My thoughts and prayers are with Senator Standridge’s family and his friends during this time. As No related (...)
  • AR Lottery Gives Scholarships 14 Cents of Every Dollar in October

    15 November 2017, by Jerry Cox
    Last week the Arkansas Lottery released its monthly report detailing revenue and expenses for October. The Lottery reportedly took in $39.8 million, but paid less than $5.7 million to scholarships — about 14.2% of the Lottery’s revenue for the month. Related posts: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: (...)
  • A.G. Rejects Another Recreational Marijuana Measure

    15 November 2017, by Jerry Cox
    Last week Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge rejected yet another attempt to legalize “recreational” marijuana in Arkansas. The A.G.’s office said there were “fundamental defects in the submission” that prevented the measure from being approved. By our count, her office Related posts: What (...)
  • Where Do the Pro-Life Lawsuits Stand?

    14 November 2017, by Jerry Cox
    This week we learned an appeals court will not reconsider a decision that lets Arkansas cut Medicaid funds to Planned Parenthood. If you’re having trouble keeping track of all the different pro-life lawsuits in play right now, you aren’t alone. Related posts: Abortion Advocates Fail to Mention (...)
  • Another Pro-Life Victory: Appeals Court Won’t Re-Hear Abortion Funding Decision

    14 November 2017, by Jerry Cox
    Yesterday the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals announced it will not reconsider a recent ruling that lets Arkansas cut Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is the nation’s leading abortion provider. In 2015 Governor Asa Hutchinson directed the state Related posts: ADF: An (...)
  • More Evidence Kids Need a Mom and a Dad

    13 November 2017, by Jerry Cox
    Earlier this year author and New York psychoanalyst Erica Komisar published a book called Being There: Why Prioritizing Motherhood in the First Three Years Matters. In the book Komisar highlights the critical role moms play in the first three years of a Related posts: Video: Putting The (...)
  • Here’s The Proclamation That Started Our Modern Thanksgiving

    10 November 2017, by Jerry Cox
    We’re counting down to Thanksgiving at our office. Today I want to talk about Abraham Lincoln’s thanksgiving proclamation from October of 1863. Lincoln’s proclamation is significant, because it helped establish Thanksgiving as a holiday observed nationwide rather than individually by Related (...)
  • The First Arkansas Thanksgiving:

    10 November 2017, by Jerry Cox
    We’re counting down to Thanksgiving at our office. Today we’re looking at Arkansas’ very first Thanksgiving proclamation. In October of 1847, Arkansas’ third governor, Gov. Thomas Drew, issued Arkansas very Thanksgiving proclamation. The proclamation set aside Thursday, December 8, 1847, as Related (...)
  • WANTED: Arkansas’ Longest Married Couple

    9 November 2017, by Jerry Cox
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, November 10, 2017 LITTLE ROCK, AR – For the first time ever, Arkansas Family Council is launching a search for Arkansas’ Longest Married Couple. We want couples to share their stories of a lifetime commitment to No related (...)

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