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  • WA State Looks at Offering Third “Gender” on Birth Certificates

    6 décembre 2017, par Jerry Cox
    According to news reports, the State of Washington is weighing a proposed rule change that would allow people to list a third “gender” on their birth certificates. Currently, birth certificates in Washington contain a space to list a person’s sex Related posts: Proposed Fayetteville Ordinance (...)
  • U.S. Recognizes Jerusalem as Capital of Israel

    6 décembre 2017, par Jerry Cox
    Today President Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Below is a statement from our friends at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) about this historic event: Today is a historic day for the U.S.-Israel relationship. For Related posts: You Are Invited (...)
  • Rebuilt Ten Commandments Monument One Step Closer to Capitol Lawn

    5 décembre 2017, par Jerry Cox
    In 2015 Sen. Jason Rapert (R – Bigelow) sponsored a law authorizing a monument of the Ten Commandments on the Arkansas State Capitol Grounds. It was placed on the Capitol lawn on June 27, 2017. Less than 24 hours later, a Related posts: Construction Begins on Ten Commandments Monument NYC Only (...)
  • A.G.’s Office Files Brief Defending Pro-Life Laws in Federal Court

    5 décembre 2017, par Jerry Cox
    Last week Attorney General Leslie Rutledge’s office filed a formal brief defending four of Arkansas’ pro-life laws before the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. The laws are: Act 45, which prohibits certain abortion procedures—such as D&E abortion procedures—in which an unborn Related posts: 40 (...)
  • Article Laments Shortage of Abortion Doctors in Arkansas and Elsewhere

    5 décembre 2017, par Jerry Cox
    This week Think Progress published an article lamenting the shortage of abortion doctors in Arkansas, Kansas, and elsewhere. The article claims the stigma associated with abortion coupled with the lack of training at medical schools like UAMS is contributing to Related posts: ADF: An Alarming (...)
  • Here’s a Little Christmas Music

    5 décembre 2017, par Jerry Cox
    It’s hard to believe, but December is here. Just for fun, here is a video with a little Christmas music for you and your family. You can watch it here or below. And during this month of December, please remember to support Related posts: Just for Fun: Carol of Bells by The Piano Guys Just for (...)
  • Reports Show AR Nursing Homes High in Medication Errors

    5 décembre 2017, par Jerry Cox
    Yesterday the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette highlighted reports showing Arkansas’ nursing homes rank higher in medication errors than those in surrounding states. Data from the federal government indicates significant medication errors are discovered on average in one of every five of the state’s (...)
  • A.G. Rejects Fifteenth Recreational Marijuana Proposal Since May

    5 décembre 2017, par Jerry Cox
    Last week Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge rejected yet another proposal to legalize “recreational” marijuana in Arkansas. The A.G.’s office said there were “fundamental defects in the submission” that prevented the measure from being approved. By our count, her office Related posts: DEA (...)
  • State Still Dealing With Fallout From Bad U.S. Supreme Court Ruling

    5 décembre 2017, par Jerry Cox
    According to recent news reports, the State of Arkansas is still dealing with fallout from a bad ruling the U.S. Supreme Court issued last summer. In June the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the State of Arkansas must list two “mothers” on a Related posts: U.S. Supreme Court Upends Arkansas Supreme (...)
  • Infographic : Abortion Declining in Arkansas

    4 décembre 2017, par Jerry Cox
    We’ve written repeatedly about how abortion has fallen to historic lows in Arkansas. Altogether, from 1991 to 2016, abortion in Arkansas fell by 53.4%. Teen abortion fell by nearly 79% during that same time. In 2000, the FDA approved RU486, Related posts: The Right to Choose? Planned Parenthood (...)

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