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Arkansas Family Council

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  • A.G. Rejects Second Recreational Marijuana Proposal In A Week

    24 mai 2017, par Jerry Cox
    Last Friday Attorney General Leslie Rutledge’s office rejected a ballot proposal legalizing recreational marijuana in Arkansas, citing ambiguities in the proposal’s ballot title. Yesterday the A.G.’s office rejected a second recreational marijuana proposal. The A.G. wrote that this new proposal (...)
  • AR Attorney General Rejects Recreational Marijuana Proposal

    23 mai 2017, par Jerry Cox
    Last Friday Attorney General Leslie Rutledge rejected a ballot proposal legalizing “recreational marijuana” in Arkansas. The A.G.’s office rejected the proposal due to ambiguities in the ballot title. This underscores what we have said before: Marijuana proponents are not content to stop Related (...)
  • Family Council and The Education Alliance Alliance Host Home School Graduation

    22 mai 2017, par Jerry Cox
    On Saturday Family Council’s home school division The Education Alliance hosted a high school graduation for home schoolers. The graduation took place at Harding University in Searcy, AR. Altogether, there were 78 graduates. This graduating class was awarded $1.2 million in Related posts: (...)
  • Just For Fun : “Mom’s Phrases” by Tim Hawkins

    19 mai 2017, par Jerry Cox
    Just for fun, here’s comedian Tim Hawkins with a brief sketch on phrases his mom uses. Related posts: Just for Fun: Tim Hawkins — Have You Eaten? Just for Fun: Tim Hawkins ‘Losing Our Minds Together’ Just for Fun: “The Government Can” by Comedian Tim (...)
  • Ten Reasons to De-Fund Planned Parenthood

    18 mai 2017, par Jerry Cox
    Our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom have put together a list of ten reasons the government should stop funding Planned Parenthood. They are: Planned Parenthood engages in the sale of body parts harvested from aborted babies. Failing to report sexual abuse of Related posts: Family Council (...)
  • The Hopeless World of “13 Reasons Why”

    17 mai 2017, par Jerry Cox
    Our friends at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview have published an excellent commentary on the Netflix original series “13 Reasons Why.” Based on the novel Thirteen Reasons Why, the series follows a group of high school students in the wake of a Related posts: New York Court: No Right to (...)
  • Pregnancy Resource Center Hosting Diaper Drive

    16 mai 2017, par Jerry Cox
    Caring Hearts Pregnancy Center announced Monday that it has partnered with the North Little Rock Fire Department for its 2017 Diaper Drive. The Diaper Drive began on Mother’s Day (May 14) and will continue through Father’s Day (June 18), 2017. Related posts: Legislators Commend Pregnancy Resource (...)
  • Trump Administration Announces Expansion of Pro-Life “Mexico City Policy”

    15 mai 2017, par Jerry Cox
    This week the Trump Administration’s Department of State announced an expansion of the pro-life “Mexico City Policy.” The Mexico City Policy was created by President Reagan in 1984. It is a good policy that prevents American tax dollars from being Related posts: Concerns About Planned Parenthood (...)
  • Marijuana Sends Child to the E.R.

    15 mai 2017, par Jerry Cox
    A ten-year-old in New York was reportedly hospitalized on Sunday after mistakenly eating candy infused with marijuana. The candy in question appeared to have been sold to the boy’s father as “medical marijuana.” According to news sources, the piece the boy ate Related posts: Marijuana Overdose (...)
  • Panel Approves Ten Commandments for Capitol Grounds

    12 mai 2017, par Jerry Cox
    Yesterday Arkansas’ Capitol Arts and Grounds Commission approved a monument of the Ten Commandments for placement on the Capitol Building grounds. The approval was a formality; the monument is established by a law the legislature passed in 2015. The monument will be privately paid Related posts: (...)

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