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  • 2017 Naughty and Nice List

    21 décembre 2017, par Taylor Dawson — General
    The Alabama Policy Institute staff made a list and we’re checking it twice as we think back on 2017 and what was “naughty” or “nice.” […]
  • Time to Refocus

    15 décembre 2017, par Taylor Dawson — General
    Thinking back on the last year, a few things stick out in my mind: the words “fake news,” Alabama’s epic comeback to get a spot […]
  • Pro-Life Values Should Go Beyond the Ballot Box

    14 décembre 2017, par Guest Author — General
    By Brooke Bacak Voters in Alabama have great concern for the unborn. After Tuesday’s special election, many feel anguish over the loss of a reliably […]
  • Is the American Dream Alive and Well in Alabama ?

    6 décembre 2017, par Taylor Dawson — General
    A recent Pew Research study found that over 80% of U.S. citizens believe they’ve achieved the American dream, or at least that they’re on the […]

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