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  • The PM’s Florence speech is helpful, but all still to play for

    22 de septiembre de 2017, por Kate Andrews — Brexit, Government and Institutions
    Mrs. May’s latest Brexit speech provided some welcome clarity on the UK’s preferred transitional arrangements and puts the ball back firmly in the EU’s court. The speech was also refreshingly upbeat about the future relationship. However, the result of the match remains in doubt. Forgetting the (...)
  • Macron’s plan to make France less European – and more prosperous

    22 de septiembre de 2017, por Kristian Niemietz
    The tables have turned. It used to be that Britain provided the blueprint for radical market-based reform, whilst France was Europe’s tax and regulatory basket case. In the early 1980s, the UK was pioneering free-market reforms that would later be copied the world over. Meanwhile, the Republic (...)
  • The EU’s thousands of senseless tariffs punish the poor

    21 de septiembre de 2017, por Kristian Niemietz
    My report A Trade Policy for a Brexited Britain, published by the Institute of Economic Affairs last month, had a short section on EU tariffs. I gave the example of how in October last year EU tariffs on orange imports were quintupled from 3.2 percent to 16 percent. This example has been (...)
  • Is Owen Jones right that taxation is theft?

    20 de septiembre de 2017, por Kristian Niemietz — Government and Institutions, Markets and Morality, Tax and Fiscal Policy, deadweight loss, Jamie Whyte, Owen Jones, tax wedge
    Last week, I spoke on Sky News about the cap on public sector pay rises. The Guardian columnist Owen Jones was on the segment with me. When I asked him how he thought the government’s deficit should be reduced, he replied that high earners should be asked to pay more tax. I objected to his … (...)
  • Public choice economics: how the left is trying to have its cake and eat it

    19 de septiembre de 2017, por Kristian Niemietz
    The left has a problem with public choice economics. The basis of public choice economics is that we should not assume that there are two types of human person. That is, we should not assume that people can act in their own self-interest in markets but that they always act in the general public (...)
  • No, socialists are not Nordic-style social democrats. They are socialists

    16 de septiembre de 2017, por Kristian Niemietz
    The IEA’s video clip ‘Has ‘real socialism’ ever been tried?’, released three months ago, seems to have struck a chord. So far, it has been watched 37,900 times on Facebook, plus 5,300 times on YouTube, and who knows how many times on Twitter and on our own website. Had this video been released a (...)
  • Our university system is becoming more competitive. Don’t write it off just yet

    15 de septiembre de 2017, por Kristian Niemietz
    As we approach the beginning of university terms, it appears that nobody is happy with the current system of financing higher education. Peter Ainsworth for the IEA has suggested a wholly new system which would make universities fully financially accountable for the financial success of their (...)
  • The UK labour market is doing fine. Our housing market is the bottleneck

    14 de septiembre de 2017, por Kristian Niemietz
    Yesterday’s ONS data continued to show the resilience of the UK labour market. The number in work in the May-July period covered by the latest data was a record 32.14 million, nearly 400,000 more than last year at the same time. The proportion of the working age population in employment, at (...)
  • Archbishop Welby’s economic argument doesn’t add up

    13 de septiembre de 2017, por Kristian Niemietz
    Archbishop Justin Welby recently wrote an article in the Financial Times on the back of a report by left-of-centre think tank IPPR, to which he had put his name. The article was widely reported as an attack on capitalism. In fact, it is rather difficult to say what his policy prescriptions (...)
  • The case for private, market-based regulation of the internet

    12 de septiembre de 2017, por Kristian Niemietz
    The rise of the internet is a huge competitive challenge to more traditional media, notably print newspapers and TV. But it also raises some important policy issues, including the extent to which government intervention can – or should – create a level playing field. To start with an obvious (...)

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