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  • Rocket boosters

    20 giugno 2018, di VaneshaSingh
    The annual publication of trade union statistics seldom lifts the spirits. Although the recently published figures for 2017 show an increase in membership of 19,000, because the number of people in work rose faster, the proportion of working people who are members of unions overall fell again. (...)
  • Radical but tough

    19 giugno 2018, di Rabyah Khan
    There is nothing left wing about not taking the public finances seriously. Public money needs to be spent effectively, to achieve what we want to in the most efficient way. We need to raise it in ways that are fair but also that don’t discourage behaviours we want to encourage. And the total (...)
  • Prison islands

    18 giugno 2018, di VaneshaSingh
    The EU-Turkey deal of March 2016 reduced drastically the number of refugees reaching Europe via Greece from the peak of 856,000 in 2015; but individuals and families continue to cross the sea from western Turkey to the Greek islands. 11,403 have already made the journey this year, most in (...)
  • Economic equilibrium

    15 giugno 2018, di Rabyah Khan
    In the second blog in our online debate series on ‘Public Finance Choices for the Left’, Ross Campbell, ICAEW’s Director of Public Sector, analyses how a future Labour government can ensure the public finances are sustainable in the long run. Here he argues that an equilibrium must be struck (...)
  • Why being poor can cost the earth

    12 giugno 2018, di Rabyah Khan
    Our economy has been hollowed out. More families are in work but struggling to make ends meet as underemployment, job insecurity and low pay dominates the lives of too many. On top of that millions of people pay more of what little they have for basic goods and services. Poverty premium means (...)
  • The road to parliament

    11 giugno 2018, di Rabyah Khan
    Only 490 women have ever been elected to the UK’s parliament. Compare that to the 442 men who are sitting in the House of Commons today, and you really start to see the scale of the problem. Even now, still only 32 per cent of MPs are female. The road to parliament for women is (...)
  • Rebalancing the books

    8 giugno 2018, di Rabyah Khan
    Five years ago, the Fabian Society’s 2013 commission on future spending choices published proposals for public spending under a Miliband-led government. In the intervening years both the economic and the political terrain has changed beyond recognition. It is therefore time to return to the (...)
  • Driverless dreams

    6 giugno 2018, di Rabyah Khan
    Hardly a day passes without an announcement about the imminent advent of driverless cars. We are being bombarded with predictions that soon the roads will be full of self-driving pods, leaving their occupants to read a newspaper or, more likely, play with their devices while being taken to (...)
  • Firmer handshakes

    5 giugno 2018, di Rabyah Khan
    The day that I was accepted to the Fabian Women’s Network (FWN) mentoring programme, I decided to quit my job. In many ways, that sums up the programme – an initiative that encourages you to be bold, to take the decisions that are right for you, and is ultimately about female empowerment. Having (...)
  • The rural paradox

    4 giugno 2018, di Claire Sewell
    There’s a paradox to living in the countryside. On the one hand you benefit from the beauty and variety of the landscape, the richness of rural community life and a gentler pace of life. The pride of belonging to a distinctive place which is your own, in which you have status rather than urban (...)

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