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  • Why it’s tough for young women

    15 February 2018, by admin — Comment
    This April, one hundred years on from some women being granted the vote, companies will publish the first full set of gender pay gap data. There is no doubt that this data will show that there is pay gap but the gap that we will see splashed across newspapers will be smaller than the (...)
  • Make ending poverty our national mission

    14 February 2018, by admin — Comment
    Traditionally the right has suggested that those in poverty are poor and unhealthy because they make bad choices. It is true that the poorer you are the more likely you are to smoke, eat unhealthily, drink problematically and exercise less. But the evidence is also very clear that people do not (...)
  • Young workers and trade unionism

    13 February 2018, by admin — Comment
    We are now ten years from a financial crisis which has had long lasting impacts on our economy. One group of workers that have been most affected by it are millennials who have seen a stagnation in earnings, under use of skills and experience first hand the emergence of the ‘gig economy’ or (...)
  • Creative solutions

    7 February 2018, by admin — Fabian Essays
    Tackling regional inequality and building an economy that works for everyone will need a strong industrial strategy. Chi Onwurah outlines Labour’s approach Britain is a nation of makers and creators. As a young girl growing up in Newcastle, the examples of Stephenson, Parsons – that’s Rachel (...)
  • 2018: A year to tackle the growing democratic deficit in this country

    6 February 2018, by admin — Comment, Front Page
    As we mark the 100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote, this year will inevitably be a time to reflect on our democratic process. It is important to note that the Representation of the People Act 1918 was only a limited step in the right direction and that women did not obtain (...)
  • The fight for gender equality goes on

    5 February 2018, by admin — Comment, Front Page
    With the anniversary of some women getting the vote this week, let’s not wait another 100 years for gender equality It is just 100 years from the first legislation granting voting rights to 8.5 million women (those aged over 30 who met a property qualification) we still have just a few items on (...)
  • Sir Henry Brooke

    2 February 2018, by admin — Fabian News
    As this morning’s Times obituary of Sir Henry Brooke notes, in his later life he served as vice-chair of the Bach Commission on Access to Justice. We who were lucky enough to work with him during this short period of his later years wish to reflect on his contribution. Appointing Sir Henry as (...)
  • Going further

    1 February 2018, by admin — Comment
    The living wage campaign has made a huge difference to the low-paid, but there is more to do – Lola McEvoy In 2001, families in the East End of London came together with broad-based community organisers working for Citizens UK, the sister charity of the Industrial Areas Foundation which trained (...)
  • Foreign policy in Trump’s world

    30 January 2018, by admin — Comment
    On Saturday, shadow foreign secretary, Emily Thornberry MP addressed the Scottish Fabian’s on foreign policy in Trump’s world “Thank you to the Scottish Fabians for inviting me to be here today. Thank you as well for having the foresight, and dare I say it the humanity, to arrange this session for (...)
  • A new settlement

    24 January 2018, by admin — Uncategorized
    It is time for a constitutional convention to look at how voters across the UK can be given the power they crave, argues Martin Whitfield With so much of our parliamentary time taken up with the Brexit debate, it is very clear to me and fellow MPs that the stakes could not be higher. The... (...)

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