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  • Book review : A whistleblower’s tale

    21 août 2017, par admin — Book Reviews, Economy, Europe, International relations, Politics
    Adults in the Room: My Battle with Europe’s Deep Establishment, Yanis Varoufakis, 2017, Bodley Head, £20 Yanis Varoufakis, a British-trained economist who taught for many years in Australia, Britain and Greece, was Greece’s finance minister for 162 days during Syriza’s first few months in office in (...)
  • The Great Clock

    18 août 2017, par admin — Fabian Essays, History
    He wasn’t the sort of person you wanted for a neighbour, he was direct, rude, bombastic, right-wing, opinionated and… generally right! This was Edmund Beckett Denison the designer of the Great Clock at the Palace of Westminster and the bell ‘Big Ben’. Born in 1816, Edmund inherited a baronetcy from (...)
  • Book review : Lost in translation

    17 août 2017, par admin — Book Reviews, Canada, Politics
    Common Ground: A Political Life, Justin Trudeau, Oneworld, 2017, £16 .99 Throughout an eventful 2016, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau was progressives’ most convincing piece of evidence that liberal internationalism wasn’t dead yet. The UK opted to march out of the European Union. Americans (...)
  • A question of trust

    16 août 2017, par admin — Comment, Election 17, Labour, Politics, Scotland
    Scottish Labour now has an opportunity to build on its election success At the start of the general election campaign, the received wisdom in Scotland was that the best Labour could expect was for Ian Murray to hold onto his seat in Edinburgh South. As the campaign progressed, Scottish Labour (...)
  • The most marginal Tory-held seat in England

    14 août 2017, par admin — Fabian Essays, Democracy, Election 17, Labour, Politics
    Firstly some background – I was the Labour candidate in Southampton Itchen in June’s general election, the seat that we lost by 31 votes to the Conservatives making it now the most marginal Tory held seat in England. I am also the leader of Southampton City Council, one of those ‘red dot’ councils (...)
  • North Korea, Guam and Trump – bluff or serious threat ?

    10 août 2017, par admin — Comment, International relations, North Korea, Nuclear weapons, Politics, Trump
    The month of August usually brings an increase in angry rhetoric between North Korea and its main adversaries, South Korea and the US. During this month the yearly military exercises conducted by the South Korean and US militaries frequently lead to fuming statements by North Korea which, by (...)
  • Listening to the right people

    10 août 2017, par admin — Comment, Ageing, Election 17, Labour, Politics, Society
    It’s always difficult to predict the twists and turns of any general election campaign, but the outcome of the last was truly beyond anyone’s expectations. Theresa May went from having the largest poll lead of any Conservative prime minister in modern history, only to crash and burn in such (...)
  • Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un need to find a diplomatic off-ramp

    9 août 2017, par admin — Comment, International relations, Nuclear weapons, Trump, United States
    Just six months into the administration of President Donald Trump, the war of words and nuclear threats between the United States and North Korea have escalated, and a peaceful resolution to the escalating crisis is more difficult than ever to achieve. Both leaders need to immediately work to (...)
  • The rise of youth

    9 août 2017, par admin — Comment, Democracy, Election 17, Labour, Politics
    Does age now trump class in British politics? Labour’s surprise success in June’s election, gaining 32 seats and winning 40 per cent of the popular vote, has quickly been absorbed within a new narrative about the rise of youth. Before the election, the conventional wisdom was that there was (...)
  • Shared prosperity

    8 août 2017, par admin — Fabian Essays, Community, Economy, Inequality, Labour, Politics, Society
    Voters who feel left behind want their concerns to be heard. A more inclusive economy offers a way to reconnect with them Over the last year, we have lived through two key moments in British democracy: the EU referendum and the general election. The immediate aftermath of the referendum vote (...)

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