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  • Progressive pointers

    8 décembre 2017, par admin — Book Reviews
    A new package of ideas to take on rentier capitalism provides food for thought for Labour, writes James Coldwell Labour’s great victories – 1945, 1964, 1997 – occurred when the party conveyed a confident vision of the future. Whether its relative success in 2017 followed this formula is open to (...)
  • Beveridge and the five giants – 75 years on

    1er décembre 2017, par admin — Fabian Essays, Society, Welfare
    December 1st is the 75th anniversary of the Beveridge report. The founding document of the UK’s modern welfare state. And it is an anniversary of which the Fabians, as much as anyone, can be proud. After all, it was Beatrice Webb’s minority report to the Royal Commission on the Poor Law that is (...)
  • Gordon Brown on hope

    27 novembre 2017, par admin — Fabian Essays, Labour
    In this extract from his memoirs, the former prime minister reflects on whether he was a politician out of season Twenty years on from when I became Chancellor of the Exchequer, and 10 from when I became prime minister, I feel the time has come now to look back and take stock: of what I... Read (...)
  • Budget 2017 : what the chancellor should have said

    24 novembre 2017, par admin — Comment, Child poverty, Economy
    With every budget there are three broad sets of questions. What are the problems in the economy? What is the government doing about them? And, often overlooked, what are they not doing? The interaction between these questions form the narratives that shape any budget response, but as with most (...)
  • Budget 2017 : missed opportunities

    24 novembre 2017, par admin — Comment, Economy
    The story of the autumn budget this year is one of missed opportunities combined with a very big reality check. We should embrace it as cathartic. It is only by recognising the extent of the challenges facing the UK economy that we can begin to formulate policies which are worthy of them. The (...)
  • Fixing the windows

    23 novembre 2017, par admin — Fabian Essays
    The state of our prisons reflects badly on our society “If you don’t fix the first broken windows, soon all the windows will be broken.” Those are the words of American political scientist, James Q. Wilson, one of those behind the ‘broken windows theory’ on the impact of the environment on crime. (...)
  • Ideas to improve BAME representation in the Labour party

    22 novembre 2017, par admin — Comment, diversity, Labour, LGBT
    People who are black, Asian or from a minority ethnic background (BAME) are underrepresented in British politics. BAME people make up just 6 per cent of MPs, despite the fact they are 13 per cent of the population – a figure set to rise to more than 25 per cent by 2051. Levels of (...)
  • Radical London

    21 novembre 2017, par admin — Fabian Essays, History, Housing, Labour
    At dawn on the 21 September 1960 bailiffs crashed through the roofs of two council flats in the St Pancras district of central London. After hours of fighting they finally evicted the tenants but what followed was some of the most serious rioting ever seen in the capital. All Metropolitan (...)
  • The sustainable development goals come to the world and the UK

    20 novembre 2017, par admin — Comment, Environment, Sustainable development
    In 2013 I travelled to the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). On my way I met a woman who worked in irunga national park as a conservationist. Her primary role was to protect the gorilla population in the forest. She admitted, however, that her job had increasingly become focused (...)
  • Jenny Jeger Prize 2017

    18 novembre 2017, par admin — Fabian News
    Prize for longer writing Winner | Our Shared Responsibility, by Jessica Toale Runner-up | Civic Socialism, by Ed Wallis The panel traditionally regard the General Secretary as ineligible for a prize, but that we thought For Us All by Andrew Harrop would otherwise have been an obvious (...)

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