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Professor Jordi Xifra teaches public relations strategies and tactics at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and is professor at the Faculty of Tourism and Communication of the University of Girona, in which he teaches public relations theory.
He has written books on public relations, lobbying, and public diplomacy, and is the editor of Public Relations Inquiry, an academic journal published by Sage. He has published articles in major academic journals, especially in Public Relations Review, Journal of Public Relations Research and American Behavioral Scientist.

Although he earned his law degree, he obtained a PhD in advertising and public relations at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He is the son of Jordi Xifra (Sr.) who introduced public relations education in Spain in 1967, and was also the founder of the College of Public Relations, with headquarters in Barcelona and Gerona. After Xifra, Sr. death in 1991, the College of Public Relations at the University of Girona (now Faculty of Tourism and Communication) created the Jordi Xifra international award in his tribute. This prize is awarded biannually to prominent personalities from the field of communication and public relations, both the professional and academic areas.
Jordi is the main author of Spanish books on public relations. In the field of communication and public relations Jordi has published more than a dozen articles in major academic journals in Spain and Latin America since 2003 (Zer, Razón y Palabra, Ámbitos, Anagramas, Organicom, Anàlisi : revista de comunicación y cultura, Sphera Publica, Historia y Comunicación Social…). He also publishes in Public Relations Review. Jordi is the co-editor of the forthcoming issue of American Behavioural Scientist on public diplomacy and public diplomacy.

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