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Salvador GINER

Salvador Giner i de San Julian is a Catalan sociologist and from 2005 he is the president of the Institute of Catalan Studies.

Salvador Giner got his PhD in the University of Chicago and has postgraduate courses in the University of Cologne. In 1989, he became professor of Sociology in the University of Barcelona (1989–2004).

His teaching activity has been developed in several countries. He was professor in the University of Cambridge (King’s College), the University of Reading, the University of Lancaster and the University of West London (Brunel) between 1965 and 1989. He was visitant lecturer in the University of Rome[disambiguation needed], the National University of Mexico, the University of Puerto Rico, the University of Costa Rica, the University of Buenos Aires and the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

He is member of the Institute of Catalan Studies (1995), and he was founder and president of the Catalan Association of Sociology (1979), which depends on the IEC. He was also one of the founders of the European Association of Sociology. He has been director and teacher in the Universitat Catalana d’Estiu (Catalan university of summer) (1969–1975). He was director and founder of the Institute of Social Advanced Studies, which depends on the (CSIC).

He is editor and consultant of the Great Catalan Encyclopedia and of several national and international journals and reviews.
The Generalitat of Catalonia (Catalan regional government) gave him in 1995 the Saint George cross.

He became a member of the Institute for Catalan Studies (IEC) in 1995. He is a founding member and chairman of the Catalan Sociological Association (1979), which is affiliated with the IEC. He is also a founding member of the European Sociological Association. He served as director and professor in the Social Sciences Section of the Catalan Summer University (1969-1975). He is also director and founding member of the Institute for Advanced Social Studies (CSIC). 

He is a contributor and advisor to the Catalan Encyclopedia. In Catalan, he has published Sociology (translated into numerous languages and reprinted in several editions), Catalan Society (co-author, College of Economics Award, 2000), Catalan Society : the Sacred and the Profane (co-author) and a book of essays Innovation, Communion and Domination. 

In other languages, he has published Contemporary Europe (Vols. I and II), Mass Society (two editions), History of Social Thought (several editions), Classical Social Theory (two editions), Contemporary Sociological Theory.

He served as director of the most recent metropolitan survey of the region of Barcelona (2004) and of the latest report on research in the social sciences (IEC). Over his career, he has served as director, editor and advisor on a variety of international journals in the social sciences.

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